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How To Do Orgasm Denial And Withhold Intercourse!

  Due to a request from a few of our readers, I posted the article “Orgasm Denial & Control” back in July, which generated quite a bit of interest.  Recently there have also been several references to women withholding intercourse from their partners.  Initially neither of these activities held any personal interest for us, but… […]

Why We Chose Male Chastity

On September 26, 2017 we wrote and posted the article, “Why is Male Chastity Appealing?” What inspired us to offer this article was a result of conversations we had with a fellow blog member and also hearing from others that were in this lifestyle.  To be honest, prior to that time, male chastity and orgasm tease and […]

Why is Male Chastity Appealing?

As most of you know, we enjoy covering a wide range of topics on this Blog.   Sometimes they are topics we are intimately familiar with and at other times it might be a subject we have little or no knowledge of but we like to introduce it as food for thought.  In either case, we […]