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Questions for women: Fantasy cuckolding!

Several women have written in saying they really enjoy fantasy cuckolding their husbands.  Here are a few questions for women who enjoy engaging in this activity: Why do you enjoy cuckolding your husband? Have you noticed any benefits in your relationship since you began cuckolding him?  If so, what are they? Whose idea was it to engage […]

Introducing the Cuckold Blog List and network

Today’s post is just a quick heads-up, and it’s about the Cuckold Blogs Network. It’s basically like this, there are various blogs which I enjoy reading, I frequent some of them more and some of them to a lesser extent. However I have to search them all manually, and if I stumble upon a good one, […]


Exploring the delights of the smaller penis

The purpose of this blog is to have men (and the women who love them) feel positive about “their” small penis. I openly and freely admit to being a married man with a very small penis. I love having a small penis and wouldn’t change it for anything. But, I didn’t always feel that way. […]