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Why I Love My Big Black Cock Dildo: Interracial Ideas

I never thought this would happen but I can no longer deny the obvious.  I have to confess, I have become a true Size Queen. I LOVE my Big black cock Dildo.  The difference between Big black cock sex and little penis sex is like night and day.  When “my” Big black cock enters me, I […]


What Does A Man With A Small Penis Want?

  I think most small endowed men would agree that once a man comes to accept his small penis and its impact on his significant other, changes begin to happen.  This is especially true when “she” accepts and enjoys playing up the reality that he doesn’t measure up.  This can have a profound impact on a […]

Comparing Your Cock: How, And Why

Here’s a newsflash.  Guys love to compare their cocks.   Some of you guys probably already know about this site, but it’s fascinating.  It’s called “The Visualizer” (http://www.thevisualizer.net ) and on this site you can create your own “virtual” penis and then compare it with literally any size penis/cock.  For example, I went in and compared myself […]


Should You Be Sexually Honest With Your Partner?

The reason why I chose the above image to accompany this article is because it’s a perfect illustration of sexual dishonesty.  How can a couple have a good, healthy sexual relationship without complete sexual honesty?  I would argue it’s not possible. I have to confess, I’m really intrigued by lesser endowed men. One of the […]


Compensation For Your Husband’s Small Penis

For those of you who have been following this blog for any length of time know I’m perfectly content and satisfied by my husband’s small penis.   We have an exciting and dynamic relationship both in and out of the bedroom.  But having said that, I must also say our sexual relationship has evolved into the […]