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Are You Afraid of Your Own Cum?

I was recently reflecting back about an article I posted entitled, The Power of Cum.  The idea of a man tasting his own cum is still largely taboo, and I would guess most guys wouldn’t do so willingly.   A female contributor, Michelle explained it this way: “You see, many men are homophobic and will not eat their own […]

A quick intro to cuckolding

I just read the new article on theswingwife: https://theswingwife.com/what-is-cuckolding/   What do you guys think of it?

Eine Hotwife finden und Cuckolding beginnen: Eine Anleitung, wie Du deine Frau oder Freundin dazu bringst mit anderen Männern zu Schlafen

[Intro by Steve] As some of you already know, I recently announced that I will be joined by a guest blogger here, a German who goes by the name Joerg. He recently translated my book, How To Begin Cuckolding And Get A Hotwife to German, and the title is Eine Hotwife finden und Cuckolding beginnen (seeing […]

Personal announcement: How To Begin Cuckolding Got Translated!

… while it took a while to get the blog back in terms of clicks and comments, I can proudly announce that lovinsmallpenis sometimes attracts up to 500 readers per day – great! I would like to thank all of my readers for following me, reading here, and of course commenting here – it’s so […]

Cuckolding: A viable Relationship Alternative? My Introduction To Cuckolding!

I was reading a beautifully written article the other day by a fellow blogger, Rougedmount, called, “Cuckold Fantasy to Fact.”  The article made me realize that cuckolding is a relationship alternative that is simply not well known or even understood.  I want to try and clarify some common misconceptions about it and explain why it […]