There have recently been a number of comments about the power dynamics a woman has over her husband’s small penis.  In an earlier article, “A Wife’s Power over Her Husband’s Small Penis,” back in January, Steve touched on it to some extent, but he encouraged me to offer a woman’s perspective on the psychology and […]

Steve has accepted his small penis and our sex life has become more satisfying and exciting because of it.  As a woman, I’m very curious to know what led others to accept their small penis, and whether or not there is any correlation between the acceptance and a desire for small penis teasing. So my […]

We have talked at length (pun intended) on this blog about the average male penis size.  But, we have talked less about what women consider the ideal penis size to be, which is probably more important. The above chart has been widely circulated on the Internet for some time.  I have no idea if it […]

This post is for our women followers.  In my lifetime, I have been with various male partners.   One was actually smaller than Steve, and was about the size of my thumb – maybe 3 inches but we didn’t actually have intercourse.  Steve has 4 inches, and though I didn’t measure the others, I would say 4 […]

One of the things that fascinates small endowed men the most are penis size statistics.  We look at every survey on the Internet and compare ourselves to one definition of average or another.  Many of us are (or were) obsessed with measuring our penises and trying to determine how we measured up to the competition. […]