How To Begin Cuckolding

How to begin cuckolding: Get your woman to cuckold you and have a succesful cuckolding relationship

Due to some mails I received, I decided to put together the knowledge which I have obtained over the years, to help you guys getting into cuckolding.

  • Do You Fantasize About Your Wife Or Girlfriend Cuckolding You?
  • Do You Want To Turn That Fantasy Into A Reality?
  • Are you in a fantasy cuckolding relationship and want to turn it into reality?
  • Do you securely admire potential bulls for your wife?

Your are not alone, and no, this wish is totally normal, too. It took me years to get my cuckolding relationship.

I often fantasized about my wife taunting me and cuckolding me.
But, after a lot of time, I turned these hidden fantasies into an actual reality.
It was not easy to get her to cuckold me, but now our relationship is stronger than ever.

We had to surpass many obstacles and avoid many hurdles. Trust me, you want to be prepared when bringing up the topic to your wife.


How to do this? What is so great about cuckolding?

Klick on the image for more info or on this link, to get my ebook.

Don’t worry, spare yourself all the mistakes I made and instead use the wisdom which instilled in my book instead.

Here is a quick look at what you will learn inside..

  • You will learn how to get your woman to verbally taunt and mock you.
  • Learn a sex position that will mentally convey to your woman that you want her to be more sexually dominant.
  • Learn how women challenge men and how you can use her challenges to actually get her to cuckold you.
  • Learn how to get your woman to cuckold you while you keep her emotionally faithful and loyal only to you.
  • Learn about the different personality types and how to appear as a personality that is conducive to be cuckolded.
  • Learn how to mentally prepare your wife for a cuckold lifestyle by the way you walk, sit and sleep.
  • Learn how to bring up the topic of a cuckold relationship to your woman in such a way that she is bound to say yes.

and much more things which will be useful once you are there.

Bonus: An easy check for you to roughly estimate your wife’s position regarding cuckolding:

Watch some films with her … which have references to cuckolding.  I prepared a list of may five favourite cuckolding films and uploaded it on youtube – check it out here:

I really hope this will help you.

If you really are serious and want to become serious, then you should read more here.

Or click the book’s image to go to Amazon.

Cuckold Blog How to Begin Cuckolding and get a hotwife

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