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How To Get Outed For Having A Small Cock And Being A Cuckold

“Outing” is a topic that fascinates me.  As a woman, it’s definitely one of the surprising things I have learned from this blog.  Who would have thought that lesser endowed guys would want others to know that they have a “little” pre-dick-ament!  🙂   But, what I have discovered is this is something that apparently […]

Are You Afraid of Your Own Cum?

I was recently reflecting back about an article I posted entitled, The Power of Cum.  The idea of a man tasting his own cum is still largely taboo, and I would guess most guys wouldn’t do so willingly.   A female contributor, Michelle explained it this way: “You see, many men are homophobic and will not eat their own […]

Do You Fantasize About Watching Your Wife Having Big Cock Sex?

This is truly a fascinating question.  It’s a subject I have wanted to address for some time, because in reading comments from many other small endowed guys, this subject seems to come up frequently, and we are curious to know how common it is among our readers.  Ironically, it was a recent email from one […]


The Appeal of “Tease And Denial”

Over the last few years, I have really enjoyed reading comments and corresponding with you “little” guys out there. I find small endowed guys fascinating, interesting and very sexually creative.  As Steve said in his most recent article, “The Appeal of Outing,” we have learned a great deal from many of you (men and women) […]

What Kind Of Sex Is The Best?

I saw this graphic and felt compelled to write something about the different kinds of sex people have.  Do a google search on the Internet for “Different kinds of sex” and you will find all kinds of different lists.  The list I have compiled below is certainly not an all-encompassing list, and anyone could argue […]