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How To Satisfy A Woman With A Small Penis

  We cover a wide range of sexual topics surrounding the small penis on this blog, and some of the topics we discuss may even be considered “taboo.”  But, the name of this blog is “Love Small Penis,” so while we do discuss a lot of fascinating subjects involving the small penis, the bottom line […]


How Does Sex Feel After Dildo Play?

Many small endowed men have written to me privately and a few have even posted on here publicly, describing what the feeling was like to have sex with their partner immediately after they used a larger dildo, penis extension or strap on cock. What is remarkable is the way they describe the experience because it’s […]


Vaginal Size, Large Dildos and Small Penis Humiliation – Part1

In the previous thread about small penis humiliation there were several interesting comments by women about their vaginal sizes and their preferences for larger dildos. Since this is a topic that is rarely discussed I thought it would be a good one to bring up here.  There are a few questions for women at the end. […]


Woman on top sex positions for men with small penises

Woman on Top  (1)  Classic Woman on Top How to do it:  There are certain positions sex therapists recommend more often when a man has a smaller penis. Surprisingly, the woman on top is an excellent position.  It’s surprising because when the woman begins moving up and down, the small endowed man will normally slip […]


Amazing Small Penis Sex positions: Part1

How many times have you heard sexually frustrated couples cite penis size as a major roadblock to their sexual satisfaction?  Regrettably, it’s an all too common problem.  He thinks, “I’m too small to satisfy her,” while she thinks, “He’s too small to satisfy me.” While there may often be other variables at play, couples rarely […]


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