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Why Do Men Want To Be Outed For Having A Small Cock?

One of the most fascinating subjects my wife and I have enjoyed reading about is the interest so many small endowed men have expressed in wanting to be “outed.”  There isn’t just moderate interest in this topic; rather it seems to be something many small endowed men are really intrigued by.  I think most people […]

What Are The Implications of Having a Small Endowed Partner? Part III – Masturbation

Here are a few questions concerning the masturbation habits of women married to small endowed men: (a)  Do you tend to fantasize about other men or photos of large cocks when you masturbate? (b)  Does the wife of a small husband find masturbation more pleasing? (c)  Do you find yourself self-pleasuring more often? (d)  While […]


What Are The Implications of Having a Small Endowed Partner? Part II

  For most of us (men & women) involved in any or all of the activities described on this blog, one undeniable fact is clear.  Penis size is at the heart of all of it.   Those of us who are small endowed are well aware of the effect penis size has on us.  We think […]

Small Penis Teasing For Beginners

  An interesting phenomenon which is rarely discussed or even understood is the craving for small penis teasing by men who would be considered average or even above average size. The fact that it exists is even evident on this Blog as many men of average or above average endowments have commented or sent emails […]


Big cock vs. small cock comparisons

To help provide some insight into the psychology of both the men and women who post on here, I pose the following question to men and women: Men: When you are in the presence of other men who are better-endowed than you are (such as locker rooms, showers, etc.), what thoughts and emotions go through […]