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Why Do Men With Small Penisses Get Turned On After They’re Being Outed?

One of the interesting things that came to light in reading the comments from the article, “Would You Mind If She Told Her Girlfriend(s)?” is it struck me just how many small endowed guys think or fantasize about being “outed.”   I have received a number of personal emails on this subject, from some of our readers who […]


Compensation For Your Husband’s Small Penis

For those of you who have been following this blog for any length of time know I’m perfectly content and satisfied by my husband’s small penis.   We have an exciting and dynamic relationship both in and out of the bedroom.  But having said that, I must also say our sexual relationship has evolved into the […]

The Complete How To Do Small Penis Teasing And Humiliation!

  The Art of Small Penis Teasing I was very pleasantly surprised this weekend when my wife said she wanted to talk with me about my craving for small penis teasing.   She is already very good at satisfying this need, but seriously, I think she wants to earn a Ph.D. in “The Art of Small […]

8 Reasons Why My Wife Is Frustrated Because Of A Small Penis -And How To Deal With It

I’m happily married and love my husband, but have I been frustrated at times being married to a man with a small penis?  Yes, and I thought it might be helpful for men and women alike to understand some of my frustrations.  When I first approached my husband with the idea for this article, I […]

Porn, Cuckolds And Men With Small Penis – How Do They Relate?

This is a topic I have wanted to explore for some time because many smaller endowed men have an unhealthy view of their penis size and it’s no surprise why so many of us do. The availability of all kinds of porn and online sexual activity can be destructive to a relationship. How many times have you […]