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What Are The Implications of Having a Small Endowed Partner? Part IV

This is a fascinating topic, and surprisingly many small endowed men want to be “Outed” by their wives/partners, but what do the women think.  These questions are for you: (a)  What are your general views on Outing your husband/partner?  Have you done it, or would you do it?  Or, would you like to do it […]

What Are The Implications of Having a Small Endowed Partner? Part III – Masturbation

Here are a few questions concerning the masturbation habits of women married to small endowed men: (a)  Do you tend to fantasize about other men or photos of large cocks when you masturbate? (b)  Does the wife of a small husband find masturbation more pleasing? (c)  Do you find yourself self-pleasuring more often? (d)  While […]


What Are The Implications of Having a Small Endowed Partner? Part II

  For most of us (men & women) involved in any or all of the activities described on this blog, one undeniable fact is clear.  Penis size is at the heart of all of it.   Those of us who are small endowed are well aware of the effect penis size has on us.  We think […]


Do You Engage in Online Chatting or Use a WebCam?

Some days ago, I wrote an article called, “The Good & Bad of Online Chatting.”  In that article I introduced the topic and briefly touched on some of the safety considerations for people who are contemplating it or are already involved in it.  In thinking more about it, I decided I wanted to expand on that […]

What Kind Of Sex Is The Best?

I saw this graphic and felt compelled to write something about the different kinds of sex people have.  Do a google search on the Internet for “Different kinds of sex” and you will find all kinds of different lists.  The list I have compiled below is certainly not an all-encompassing list, and anyone could argue […]