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Talking about bulls with larger dicks

This question is for the married (or otherwise attached) women out there. Have you told your current husband/partner about your previous lover(s) that were better-endowed than he is?  If so what was his response? No, this is a subject I couldn’t possibly talk about with him Yes, I told him, but he is very insecure […]


How to talk to my husband about his small penis

I have received a number of emails from married women lately asking:  “Is it ever OK for me to be honest and tell my hubby he has a small penis?   Many so-called experts will say that telling a man that he has a small penis is the worst thing a woman can do to a […]


Vaginal Size, Large Dildos and Small Penis Humiliation – Part2

Here is a sampling of comments I have received via email or posted on here: At first, I did feel bad – I didn’t want to have a big pussy or anything and didn’t want to have a pussy that was too big to satisfy my husband, lord knows I didn’t want him going somewhere […]


How Does Sex Feel After Dildo Play?

Many small endowed men have written to me privately and a few have even posted on here publicly, describing what the feeling was like to have sex with their partner immediately after they used a larger dildo, penis extension or strap on cock. What is remarkable is the way they describe the experience because it’s […]


They Fit – the Perfect Condom for the Small Penis!

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about the difficulty of finding condoms for those of us who are lesser endowed.  I mentioned a couple of companies that have made some token efforts at catering to us, but I also referenced a company in the UK called “TheyFit” that offer condoms essentially made to […]

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