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Why Do Men With Small Penisses Get Turned On After They’re Being Outed?

One of the interesting things that came to light in reading the comments from the article, “Would You Mind If She Told Her Girlfriend(s)?” is it struck me just how many small endowed guys think or fantasize about being “outed.”   I have received a number of personal emails on this subject, from some of our readers who […]


Should You Be Sexually Honest With Your Partner?

The reason why I chose the above image to accompany this article is because it’s a perfect illustration of sexual dishonesty.  How can a couple have a good, healthy sexual relationship without complete sexual honesty?  I would argue it’s not possible. I have to confess, I’m really intrigued by lesser endowed men. One of the […]

The Interview With A Longterm Cuckold Couple

One of the things my wife I enjoy the most about this blog, is the quality of contributors we have here.  We really enjoy reading the insights and experiences of others who participate in the wide range of activities described on this blog.  It’s through this sharing of our experiences and ideas that can help […]

What is your Fantasy Woman?

One of the things I have learned from this blog is that a lot of the followers (men & women) seem to be in really good relationships.  So I am interested to learn more about you. I asked Steve this question last night and am curious to your response as well. What is your idea […]

How To Expand Your Sexual Freedom?

If you have labored in corporate or academic circles as long as I have, you no doubt have heard the phrase, “You need to think out of the box.” I have been hearing that phrase and been required to think out of the box for so long, to be honest, I don’t think I could […]