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The Beauty Of The Braless Woman

OK, this article may be a little off topic, but then again, maybe not.  Let me explain.  One of the things I will readily admit to enjoying the most about summer is women wear less clothes. It’s the best time of year to “perfect” the art of girl-watching.  All men with a pulse do it, […]

A quick intro to cuckolding

I just read the new article on theswingwife:   What do you guys think of it?

Book review: “Chastity for men in relationships”

Recently, fellow author Lee Spencer contacted me and offered me the opportunity to read and review his book “Chastity for Men in Relationships: Improve your relationship and fire up your Sex life by letting her manage you”. (I think the title is a little long). I was given the book free of charge, but the opinions […]

Would You Mind If She Told Her Girlfriend(s)?

Months ago, I posted an article for our women readers asking how many of them have told a girlfriend(s) about their partner’s small endowment.   Surprisingly to me, many have, and the comments ran the gambit.  While many women admitted that they have told a girlfriend(s), some haven’t, and one woman even responded saying she would […]


Why I Love My Husband’s Small Penis (The Wife’s Perspective)

Hello everyone. I’m Steve’s wife and “introduced” myself in an earlier post.  Though I rarely have the time to contribute to it, I have been following along and reading his articles and all of your comments with great interest. I have always been fascinated with how people view all aspects of sex and how it […]