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Book review: “Chastity for men in relationships”

Recently, fellow author Lee Spencer contacted me and offered me the opportunity to read and review his book “Chastity for Men in Relationships: Improve your relationship and fire up your Sex life by letting her manage you”. (I think the title is a little long). I was given the book free of charge, but the opinions […]

Would You Mind If She Told Her Girlfriend(s)?

Months ago, I posted an article for our women readers asking how many of them have told a girlfriend(s) about their partner’s small endowment.   Surprisingly to me, many have, and the comments ran the gambit.  While many women admitted that they have told a girlfriend(s), some haven’t, and one woman even responded saying she would […]


Why I Love My Husband’s Small Penis (The Wife’s Perspective)

Hello everyone. I’m Steve’s wife and “introduced” myself in an earlier post.  Though I rarely have the time to contribute to it, I have been following along and reading his articles and all of your comments with great interest. I have always been fascinated with how people view all aspects of sex and how it […]

How Can Men Deal With A Small Penis?

I have covered a lot of different topics on this blog.  Some are just my “inspired” ramblings, and some are questions raised by followers.  Some are serious, some are light hearted, but all have something to do with having a small penis. I was re-reading some of the blog comments the other day and I […]

Does Small Penis Acceptance Lead to More Confidence in the Bedroom?

Often times, guys who have not been able to accept their small penis size are paralyzed in the bedroom.  They worry so much about their size that they just can’t perform like they would like to because they worry constantly about whether or not they are “enough” for their partners.   But, many guys who been […]