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Does Small Penis Acceptance Lead to More Confidence in the Bedroom?

Often times, guys who have not been able to accept their small penis size are paralyzed in the bedroom.  They worry so much about their size that they just can’t perform like they would like to because they worry constantly about whether or not they are “enough” for their partners.   But, many guys who been […]


How much penis size matters

A recent fascinating study which has been widely reported and can be found on numerous websites suggests that penis size does indeed matter.   The following are excerpts from various sites on the subject. The question for women who visit this blog is, do you think this research is true?  And, what is the ideal penis […]


Measuring your husband’s penis size

How many of you ladies have measured the penis size of your current or former partners?  I think there is a lot more of this going on than people would have you to believe.  Many women secretly or openly want to know the penis size of their partner and how he measures up with other […]


How to talk to my husband about his small penis

I have received a number of emails from married women lately asking:  “Is it ever OK for me to be honest and tell my hubby he has a small penis?   Many so-called experts will say that telling a man that he has a small penis is the worst thing a woman can do to a […]

How Did You Come To Accept Your Small Penis Size?

Learning to accept your penis size is something that can be very difficult for men to do.  Despite the fact that we can’t change it, some of us continually beat ourselves up over it for years.  Some of us have accepted it, while others still struggle with it. I was thinking the other day this topic […]

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