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To our silent followers

Judging from the traffic we get on this site, we know we have a lot of people who come here and read articles, but don’t always post comments. People choose not to comment for a variety of reasons. They may feel uncomfortable responding on a public forum, or they may not want to leave their […]


Penis Size and Female “A-Spot” or “Deep Spot” Orgasms

As I have stated many times, my wife is very orgasmic.  Clitoral orgasms are always a certainty with her.  All I have to do is start tweaking or sucking on her huge nipples and it’s like a b-line straight to her clit.  Any subsequent manual stroking or oral licking, or sucking of her clit results […]


The Appeal of “Tease And Denial”

Over the last few years, I have really enjoyed reading comments and corresponding with you “little” guys out there. I find small endowed guys fascinating, interesting and very sexually creative.  As Steve said in his most recent article, “The Appeal of Outing,” we have learned a great deal from many of you (men and women) […]

My Wife Is A Size Queen – She Wants It Big

My wife’s last post and this follow-up is simply an attempt to share with our followers her new “revelation” and why we both find it extraordinarily erotic and has added a lot of fun to our relationship.  Our decision to include dildos in our sex life was actually my idea.  I did so knowing that […]

What Are The Implications of Having a Small Endowed Partner? Part I

  In requesting suggestions for upcoming articles, we have received some fascinating and excellent questions from both our male and female contributors.  The questions we have received seem to fall into one of four categories, so we decided to create a 4-part series designed specifically to solicit responses from our women contributors.  These are serious […]