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Cock Comparisons and SPT: A Woman’s Perspective

As a woman, I have learned a lot about my husband specifically and small endowed guys in general through this blog.  One undeniable reality is they LOVE SPT.  Many of these same men also crave to have their penises compared to large dildos or big cocks, but what is the source of that appeal and […]

Why I Love Big Pussy Sex!

Over the last few years, my wife and I have dabbled in a lot of new and exciting things as a result of my small penis acceptance.  One of my absolute favorite things is watching her being pleasured by her big cock dildo.  We had dabbled in dildo and sex toy play before, but it […]

How To Get Outed For Having A Small Cock And Being A Cuckold

“Outing” is a topic that fascinates me.  As a woman, it’s definitely one of the surprising things I have learned from this blog.  Who would have thought that lesser endowed guys would want others to know that they have a “little” pre-dick-ament!  🙂   But, what I have discovered is this is something that apparently […]

Do You Fantasize About Watching Your Wife Having Big Cock Sex?

This is truly a fascinating question.  It’s a subject I have wanted to address for some time, because in reading comments from many other small endowed guys, this subject seems to come up frequently, and we are curious to know how common it is among our readers.  Ironically, it was a recent email from one […]


What Size Is Your Pussy?

We spend almost all of our time discussing the ramifications of having a small penis. Since this is a Love Small Penis blog, it makes sense that we spend the majority time talking about our favorite subject. 🙂 But equally as important, and something we spend far less time focusing on, is the size of our […]