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“…And Then He Ravaged Her With His Small Cock.”

My wife and I love to go out on dates, and afterwards, we usually have some wine and talk about something to do with sex.  Sometimes we read and discuss what those of you have to say on this blog, which is always fun too!   We have a lot of fun, and the topics […]

How To Out Your Husband As A Cuckold

“Outing” is one of those fascinating topics that I have learned about through interaction on the blog. It still amazes me just how many guys want to be “outed.”  When I think about outing, there are essentially two kinds of outing that we have talked about: (1) being outed by your female partner, or (2) […]


How to accept a small penis

One of the topics I enjoy writing the most about is small penis acceptance.  In the past, I have written several articles on the topic and stressed the importance of accepting what you have.  What I have spent less time on, is discussing the actual barriers that confront all of us who have small penises […]


How to be a cock tease

There have been several comments posted on the blog previously from men who seemed to enjoy the idea that their wives openly “flirt” with other men.  One of our contributors suggested I post an article on women who are “cock teases,” so I thought it would be a good idea to write a brief article […]

Do You Discuss Penis Size – Prior to Sexual Contact?

I really enjoy reading the comments from all of our contributors on virtually every subject.  I’m also equally fascinated with the suggestions you provide for future posts.  This article was a result of one of those suggestions.  How many of you discuss penis size with a potential partner prior to sexual contact? This is a […]