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The Interview With A Longterm Cuckold Couple

One of the things my wife I enjoy the most about this blog, is the quality of contributors we have here.  We really enjoy reading the insights and experiences of others who participate in the wide range of activities described on this blog.  It’s through this sharing of our experiences and ideas that can help […]

A FemDom Introduction: How I Use My Power Over My Husband

There have recently been a number of comments about the power dynamics a woman has over her husband’s small penis.  In an earlier article, “A Wife’s Power over Her Husband’s Small Penis,” back in January, Steve touched on it to some extent, but he encouraged me to offer a woman’s perspective on the psychology and […]

The Hotwife’s Perspective: Why I Love Cuckolding My Husband

While my husband has explored the topic of cuckolding in previous articles in great detail, I thought I should approach the subject from a woman’s point of view.  There are a lot of men and even some women who visit this blog who are very interested in this topic.  Some are currently indulging in cuckolding […]

The Complete How To Do Small Penis Teasing And Humiliation!

  The Art of Small Penis Teasing I was very pleasantly surprised this weekend when my wife said she wanted to talk with me about my craving for small penis teasing.   She is already very good at satisfying this need, but seriously, I think she wants to earn a Ph.D. in “The Art of Small […]

Porn, Cuckolds And Men With Small Penis – How Do They Relate?

This is a topic I have wanted to explore for some time because many smaller endowed men have an unhealthy view of their penis size and it’s no surprise why so many of us do. The availability of all kinds of porn and online sexual activity can be destructive to a relationship. How many times have you […]