About the Lovin Small Penis Blog

I’m Steve and I am a cuckold.

Even better, it’s the dream of my life which came true.

I used to fantasise for a long time about it, but finally got it to work – and no, it’s not so easy to have an actual cuckolding relationship. It all started with my small penis, and that’s why I center the blog around this topic.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for men (and the women who love them) to be able to openly discuss “their” small penis in a mature, responsible and thoughtful way. Most of those who participate on this blog are in long-term, committed relationships and have learned to have fun and excitement in their sex lives.

Regrettably, as most of you probably know, there are very few places on the Internet where you can find any useful or helpful information at all on the small penis. To be clear, this blog is NOT a small penis humiliation site.  We do not condone, encourage, promote or advocate the degrading or emasculation of ANY man.  Instead, what we do here is celebrate the small penis, and openly discuss the challenges and advantages of being in a small penis relationship.


[That could be Hottie and me… ]

If you are new to this blog, and you’re a guy who has not yet fully accepted your small penis, or you’re a woman who is married to a guy who is struggling with this issue, I suggest you begin by reading the articles listed in the category Small Penis  These articles were specifically written from our point of view and may help you understand the importance of accepting, celebrating and loving “your” small penis.

The other Tabs at the top of the Home Page follow a logical progression as follows:

Small Penis Relationships:

These articles take Small Penis 101 to another level.  The articles listed below are written for couples who are in healthy, small penis relationships where both parties accept the man’s small endowment.  These articles were written to provide ideas how on to improve and enhance small penis relationships.   Topics covered include:  small penis sex positions, how to satisfy a woman with a small penis, the importance of sex toys, etc.

Here’s a selection:

The delights of the small penis

My 7 part series on the competition advantage – why men need to compete for their wives

My other series (6 parts), A woman’s guide to creating a cuckold fantasy world

How to start in the cuckold life

What is a small penis?


Small Penis Teasing (SPT):   

The articles below are written for couples who not only accept the small penis in their relationship, they want to recognize it and celebrate it in their sex lives.  These articles explain the concept of Small Penis Teasing, which many couples have come to thoroughly enjoy in their relationships.  Articles in this section include such topics as:  the difference between SPT and SPH, the benefits of an SPT relationship, cock comparisons, the wife’s power in small penis relationships, etc.

Here’s a selection:

(The four part series) Why men want small penis humiliation

How to provide your husband with small penis humiliation!


Advanced SPT (Kinks, Fetishes, Fantasies and Lifestyles): 

The articles included on this list are the “Advanced” SPT topics.  These articles are written for couples who really want to push the sexual envelope and explore topics that many consider taboo.  There are a wide list of topics that fit this list, and some of those include:   Orgasm tease and denial, chastity, panties, withholding sex, “outing,” the increasingly popular lifestyle of cuckolding (both real and fantasy) too, but these categories are more of what we would call “advanced topics,” in that they assume that you have already accepted your small penis, and are now looking for ideas or information on how to improve your sex life.

Of course, we always want to encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts with us on the blog, but if you feel uncomfortable in doing so for whatever reason, please feel free to contact either or both of us via email too.  We are always interested in hearing your ideas, observations and of course your suggestions for future articles.  Again, thanks to all of you who inspire us to continue our efforts.

Here’s a selection:

Dildos and penis extenders

Small penis sex positions

Sex from behind (with a small penis)

A woman’s perspective: large dildos vs. small penis


NOTE (Photos and Images):  

Every effort has been made to use photos and images that are in the public domain and not under copyright.  If there is an image that has been used that is under copyright, please let us know and we will remove it immediately.

Please feel free to comment on any article that we post.  Or comment below. If you don’t want your comment to public, please note it in the comment and your email there.

Here’s another video where Sydney discusses Cuckolding, so you’ll have to enjoy this.

Finally, You can stay tuned by liking my facebook page or following me on twitter.

As a reaction to several mails I got, I published a 110 page book: “How to begin cuckolding” – I put all my experiences in this book, starting from 0 to become a successful cuckold…







  1. Great to find your blog, looks good. As a swinger with several cuck/hotwife couples that we run with, it is an interesting kink and I’m always happy to do my part. 🙂


    1. Nice – I’m looking forward to hear from you !


  2. pantiewearer · · Reply

    How often do I Masturbate?

    Considering that my penis is 1” flaccid, 2.5” erect, and I have not had sexual intercourse with my wife in nine years, I usually think about masturbating every hour of the day. Because of my penis size, my wife and I agreed for me to start wearing women’s panties about 15 years ago. The wearing of panties every day, all day is a stimuli that keeps my sissy little dick semi erect. On most days of the week, I usually masturbate at least once before noon. I keep my sissy dick and tiny balls shaved smooth every morning prior to taking a shower. The shaving arouses my sissy dick enough that I can usually cum within 2-3 minutes in the shower after soaping up. As the day wears on and depending whom I chat with on line I will masturbate 1-2 times more that day. I cum very quickly and I often eat my own cum. Sometimes I am not sure whether I am addicted to masturbation or eating my salty cum. I love it equally. Therefore, the answer is at least 1-2 times a day.

    What is in my personal “Spank Bank”?

    My “Spank Bank” is an evolving arena. I obviously started with Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler. The internet is a masturbator’s wonderland. I enjoy video clips of wives talking to their husbands while they are being fucked hard by a real man with a gorgeous 8”cock. I fantasize that I am that husband sitting in a chair watching and listening to my wife enjoying the sexual fulfillment that I cannot give her. I search for the videos that focus on the husband having a small cock and the wife belittles the husband’s sissy dick the entire time she is having numerous orgasms. These particular videos allow me to achieve an erection, albeit just 2.5”, and usually an orgasm in less than 3 minutes.

    Does your wife know you jack off and how much you do it?

    Yes, my wife does know that I “jack off”. We often masturbate together and race to the ultimate finish. She has the luxury of using a vibrator and usually has multiple orgasms, at least 4.


    1. Wow, nice post – made me really hard..!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Gary · · Reply

    Steve, Great to find your blog again. I wondered where you and Hottie got to. Nice to see you back. Looking forward to catching up on everything I’ve missed out on the past months.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Gary! … A lot happened in between, it’s sometimes not easy, so to say.


  4. Gary · · Reply

    Steve, I wondered where you two got to. You just disappeared for a while. Nice to see you back up and running with it again. I look forward to seeing much more in the future. Congratulations on attaining what you’ve been searching for, for so long in your relationship. Tell Hottie I said hello. It’s nice to see you back and to be back!


    1. As I’ve said in the mail, yes we’re back and it’s great! Thanks for the compliment, too – it’s great to hear from long-time readers!


  5. Larry · · Reply

    I just found your blog and I absolutely love it. I am a cuckold, although I never dreamed of being one. I am very small, and this caused a great deal of stress and frustration between my wife and I. When I finally admitted that, and told her she could sleep with other men, it was this huge relief. We have both been very happy about that decision.


    1. It’s a long way to admitting, but once you muster up your courage and she accepts, it’s smooth sailing from there. I also recommend that you check out my guide, as I’ve written down my experiences in it. Thanks for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I read your guide and I enjoyed it very much. I inadvertently used some of the techniques you mention. One of the things I did, was asked to be spanked by my wife. That seemed to really set up the submissive role.


      2. … it’s great to hear that you’re getting there. What’s better than being a cuckold?

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi Steve…really enjoy your blog. It was your original site that got me to feel comfortable and happy with my size deficiency to include having an open discussion with my wife about penis size. I am a whopping 4.5″ fully erect. She admitted being sexually deprived by my lack of size and we have since brought in toys/dildos to elevate her sexual pleasure – her increased pleasure makes me very happy. Yes, by the sounds of her orgasm size matters! We have discussed possibly cuckolding, but it is still just talk. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks for the compliment! A marriage evolves all the time – keep us updated!


  7. Sissy Roberta Bryan · · Reply

    Thank you for sharing this!!!


    1. Thank you for the compliment!


      1. Sissy Roberta Bryan · ·

        Your welcome. I only hope my efforts r getting out there like u


  8. Weeguy · · Reply

    Glad to find your blog. I have enjoyed SPT with my wife for a few years. I new it wasn’t SPH as it was never disrespectful or emasculating. There is a lot of SPH on the internet but not nearly enough gentler stuff. It’s so liberating to be in a relationship where size is acknowledged as a factor . My wife doesn’t pretend that size doesn’t make a difference. She told me she has had a few good stretchings and it was fantastic. Other things she says to me are that I’m lucky she has good muscle tone, and that she isn’t bothered that much that I’m small. It’s also a huge turn on when she asks me to change position because ” I can’t feel you like this”.
    And yes the sex is good for her, because we communicate and I understand what she needs me to do to satisfy her.
    I can never give her that feeling of fullness that women so appreciate, but I have a great time making up for it

    To any ladies out there reading this honesty with tact and affection will get your guy to up his game!


    1. Definitively – thank you very much for the compliment!


  9. I must say I kinda miss the old set up, but I am glad you did not totally disappear.


    1. Thanks!


  10. Peter Petronius · · Reply

    Dear Steve, since I discovered your blog, I am reading and reading. I have the feeling that I will never have read your blog completely. On the one hand, my English is now (in my studies, my English was top) as unsatisfactory as my penis, which is why I need more time to read, and on the other hand you have published an incredible number of articles. Since I started to accept my penis, a process that will probably never be fully recovered, and found ways of adequate sexuality, I deal a lot with the topic. Many of my self-insights are confirmed by your articles. The confirmation is doing me very well! While reading your blog, I also find points or perspectives that broaden my horizons. Until some time ago, I had a blog on the subject of small penis, but I have set and then deleted. Such a blog means a lot of work and time if you do it seriously. Your blog is serious. Thank you for your work and time for your readers.


  11. tinyc · · Reply

    Steve, just found your site. lots of good info and topics for sure. wife and I have been enjoying the SPH like for over 12 yrs now. I am a little over 6″ hard and wife is small down there so it works for us. She is also the more dominate of us at home, though not a over the top type. So she made a list of rules for her sissy with a tiny cock. ie I must always be shaved, can never hide or cover my tiny cock erect or not, must wear panties daily (other lingerie if required) must have her permission to cum (many times i’m not allowed) she always cums first, I clean the house dressed in lingerie, she can look at other guys cocks all she wants. Some of the many rules we have.

    It’s great that you have brought this topic out of the closet so to speak and hope to learn about how others have made living with a tiny cock more fun and sexy.

    thanks again.


    1. Sorry for just answering – I just saw your comment – hope you stick around! Love your perspective!


  12. […] Read the rest of this really interesting interview by Steve […]


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