How I Stifled My Wife’s Sexuality

We had an interesting discussion recently about my wife’s sexuality and I decided to share it with our readers.

In thinking back about many of our previous articles, I think sometimes that people who are reading our Blog get the mistaken impression that my wife’s recent “epiphanies” about her desires to try new things sexually is somehow a major revelation that resulted from her immersion into the world of SPT. While that may be true to a certain extent, the reality is, I stifled her sexuality for many years. Let me explain, why and how it happened so that others might learn from my mistakes.

My wife was always highly sexual, with an interest in trying just about anything and everything. To be honest, this was a major attraction of my interest in her initially. I had never been with a female partner who was so exciting and enthusiastic about sex. Despite having a limited number of sexual partners, she was clearly very experienced and adventurous, far more so than any of my previous sex partners.

Prior to meeting her, my sexual confidence was at an all-time low. I had never been able to give a woman an orgasm before, and to be honest, most women I had been with were just not in to sex, and often cited my small penis as the reason they couldn’t orgasm or enjoy sex. So when I met my wife, it was like every man’s dream – especially a small endowed man’s dream. She could orgasm easily even with my very small penis, and was very multi-orgasmic and wanted sex all the time. She gave me my first real blowjob, and swallowed cum, and was even disappointed when I didn’t cum during a blowjob. I remember one time on a cross-country trip, when we were driving through Wyoming, when she announced, “I want to suck your cock,” which she did, much to the delight of passing truck drivers who honked their horns in enthusiastic approval as they drove by and witnessed it. (By the way, she missed seeing Devil’s Tower National Monument as she was busy servicing my much smaller “monument.”) 🙂 We had sex in the morning, sometimes we would meet at noon and have a quickie, and then we would fuck nonstop in the evening. We went to sex shops, played with sex toys, watched porno movies, and we really had a great sexual chemistry. When couples meet, this kind of sexual frenzy usually lasts for a short period of time generally several months to maybe a few years. But for us, we were both in this sexual feeding frenzy for close to five years. It was incredibly satisfying to both of us, and then it happened.

For some inexplicable reason, I reverted back to my sexually insecure days, and began worrying that I wasn’t sexually satisfying her like I should be – even though I clearly was. Psychologically, I think I believed that she would eventually leave me, which had happened to me many times in the past. I began worrying about my penis size constantly, I began to feel threatened by other guys and jealousy reared it’s ugly head. I had always been very turned on by her attractiveness, the way she dressed, her bubbly personality around guys – even the way she would tease them which was always done just in fun. All of the things that had turned me on about her, now seemed to threaten me. Of course, all of these insecure reactions on my part served as a wet blanket on what had been a sizzling sex life. Not surprisingly, our sex life moved into what we call now our “maintenance” sex phase. The sex we did have was still very pleasurable for both of us, but there was less spontaneity, less sparks and electricity, and we had less sex as a result.

What I had done was stifle my wife’s sexuality. Some small endowed men who enter a relationship bring this baggage with them initially, while others like me, might let it go for a while, but then it rears up again later in the relationship. In either case, is it really surprising that when we have our “small penis acceptance epiphany,” that our wives don’t immediately jump on board? My wife like many women had settled into our relationship. She still loved me and saw a lot of real value in our relationship, even though our sexual creativity had all but died. So when I finally accepted my small penis, and wanted to begin to explore it, it was not surprising to me that she was slow and cautious to fully embrace my renewed sexual openness. When a woman has had her sexual desires and interests stifled for years, it’s not like they can just turn the switch to ON just because you suddenly had a transformation. They may even be suspicious about this sudden transformation and be wondering what your motives are. Fortunately for me, because my wife’s nature is to be very sexually creative and willing to try almost anything, she finally entered into my small penis world, and what she saw, she really liked, which has led us to be able to enjoy a sexual relationship unlike anything we had experienced previously. We now openly acknowledge that our sex life is more open, more exciting and more fulfilling than ever before. We also have a far deeper and more open level of sexual communication than ever before, which really is at the heart of everything for us.

Lastly, the purpose of this post was to explain how sometimes a small endowed man can stifle their wives sexual desire and interest due to our small penis insecurities. As we have proven in our relationship, it’s possible to recover from this, but why put yourself through it in the first place? Celebrate your wife’s sexuality and always encourage her to explore it. If you do, you just might be the major beneficiary.

Questions for Men & Women:

(1) Do you feel like you have ever stifled your partner’s sexuality? If so, how did it happen, and have you ever been able to recover from it?

(2) What advice would you give a small endowed man or his wife to be able to avoid this pitfall?

As always, thank you for responding!



  1. Lucky you, I have a small penis and never has a women had an orgasm from fucking, but I do have a pretty good tongue.


    1. That’s better than nothing 🙂


  2. (1) Do you feel like you have ever stifled your partner’s sexuality? If so, how did it happen, and have you ever been able to recover from it?

    My wife never had a high sex drive with me. It wasn’t until about 10 years into our relationship that she finally told me why. She was dissatisfied with my penis size. She would kiss, snuggle, hold hands, etc…but when it came to sex she would just lay there. I thought she was having orgasms but she admitted she faked them just to get me off. We seldom have sex anymore. She would rather masturbate with her vibrator. She tells me sex is “too much work” and she’s glad to let me “use her pussy” as some sort of masturbation device, but she gets nothing from it.

    (2) What advice would you give a small endowed man or his wife to be able to avoid this pitfall?

    Be honest with each other. If you have a small cock, you know it. Don’t pretend you don’t. Let your partner know BEFORE you have sex that you are small. Make sure she is honest about it. Don’t lt her lie to you and tell you have big it is, size doesn’t matter, or other lies women tell under endowed men. I’ve heard them all. Once you come to terms with the fact that you have a small penis, the sooner you can begin discussing other ways, besides intercourse, that you can pleasure your partner. Just because you have a small penis doesn’t mean you can’t be a great lover.

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    1. Thanks for commenting!


  3. bronzemedal · · Reply

    Steve you have a lucky little dick. Why are you so whinny when you have a really cool lover. BJ’s on the highway a life time memory. You should thank Hottie everyday for being is so generous about your short comings. Think how much more pleasure a big cock would have given her. Does she tell all her friends? My wife is much less forgiving about my little penis. She has not taken a big cock lover. However it her dissatisfaction started with panties, orgasm and intercourse denial, large dildo, cock cage etc. Talk about stifling and compartmentalizing to a sex life my little penis is the guilty organ. Small penis humiliation is our normal. She always chooses the dildo over me. The worst are the arguments invariably she says you are just a little penis boy. A non sequitur comment however truthful and devastatingly effective. Neither one of us chooses to leave this relationship.


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