To our silent followers

Judging from the traffic we get on this site, we know we have a lot of people who come here and read articles, but don’t always post comments. People choose not to comment for a variety of reasons. They may feel uncomfortable responding on a public forum, or they may not want to leave their internet “footprint” on a sexually related blog, or they may simply not want to respond for a host of other reasons.


Whatever the case may be, we would still welcome your feedback and would like to encourage you to send us an email with your thoughts and ideas. Specifically, we would be very interested in your answers to the following questions:

(1) What value do you get from our Blog?

(2) What topics are most appealing to you?

(3) What ideas or suggestions do you have for future articles?

So, if you ever feel inclined please feel free to contact either one of us. We would enjoy hearing from you.




  1. Non-Commentator · · Reply

    Too much SPH, no, almost only SPH, and the remaining topics are mostly also sexually connoted. If you actually have too small a penis, then there are other things and problems that are of interest. Everyday things that are not a problem for normal endowed men and have nothing directly to do with sex. I miss such topics here. If you, Steve, are an actual affecteded man, then you know what everyday trivial things I mean. After I discovered your blog, I looked in here daily to read new and older articles. But at some point I realized that SPH is in the foreground, albeit in many variations. In my opinion, most of the articles are written in such a way that most readers can get a sexual kick. The articles say little about the actual life with a too small penis and unaffected persons who come by chance on the blog can get the impression that men with a too small penis are sexual freaks, that is not good and contributes to form prejudices. That’s why I have never commented here and now visit the blog only rarely.


    1. … I’ll touch these topics in the next articles.


  2. I feel for the people that are not able to be more active out of fear of exposure. Sites like this helped me embrace what I have. I would not change it if I could. I think that is a great topic for a post. Would you change it if you could?


    1. Absolutely!


  3. (1) The value of the blog (and similar ones) is to recogneize that I#m not the only guy with a small penis who has these special thoughts, experiences and fantasies.
    During my childhood and adolescence, I did not see another boy who even had nearly as small a penis as I had. Through enlightenment books, I learned then that the size of the penis can be very different. But only through the internet I could then read about experiences of other men / couples (as here), see pictures and also present my experiences.
    (2) I have no special topics. Basically, it is the specific sexual preferences, formative experiences from childhood and youth and their influence on the current behavior and finally, what women think about a small penis. All this can be found here.
    (3) The topic that calls Tom is interessting. And to give an immediate answer: I would not want to change it, I love my penis as it is: small and sweet! However: if during my childhood eg. a simple operational intervention would be possible and my parents would have asked me then, I probably would not have said no.


    1. Thanks for sharing this!


  4. Little Guy · · Reply

    Finding this blog gave me the courage to finally talk to my wife about my small penis and my desire to be teased about it. She, of course, said she didn’t think it was small but was willing to entertain my fetish. It wasn’t until we measured my penis with a small six inch ruler did she admit to me that my not quite five inches was much smaller than her past lovers. After buying her a large black dildo she was hesitant to try anything that big. But only after a few seconds, devoured the entire cock. I then sat back and watched her have an orgasm like I’ve never seen. When she finished and I had my turn, it was over in a mere few seconds. I had never felt so small and the fact it was out there made it twice as hot. The fact I was actually able to share my shame openly with her took my orgasm to a whole other level.

    The thing I like the most about this blog is having both perspectives of a husband and wife. The last article on size comparisons was a great way to open the door to having her get more verbal during our play. She’s always afraid of hurting my feelings when in reality it’s quite the opposite.

    I’d love to see more articles on how to get wives more actively involved in SPT and handle the dialogue and maybe a how to for cuckolding with a dildo. Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks for the compliments!


  5. I am finally making serious attempts to accept that my penis is significantly smaller than other men.
    I used to get angry when my wife would complain about lack of sensation during sex.
    I am learning and listening.


    1. absolutely!


  6. I follow all the information on small penis as I have a very small one and I am looking for ways to shrink my penis as small as it can possible get. If you know of thinks I should look into I would be appreciate all help I can get.


    1. You’ve come to the right place!


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