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We have recently received several personal emails from guys, mostly younger guys, who are struggling with their penis size and related sexual confidence and self-esteem issues.  In thinking about these guys, it dawned on us that a first-time visitor may be confused over some of the content they see on our blog.   For example, we cover a wide range of what some might consider “taboo” subjects such as SPT/SPH, orgasm denial, outing, withholding sex, sloppy seconds, eating cum, cuckolding, cock comparisons, etc.  Of course, we also cover a wide range of general sex and relationship issues as well, but the first-time visitor may be confused by some of the topics we explore, so let us explain.


First and foremost, the purpose of this blog is to stress the importance of accepting your small penis.  It’s important to love your small penis and embrace it!   Once you have that level of acceptance, you may be open to a whole new world of sexual possibilities.  I often refer to those “taboo” subjects listed above as “advanced small penis” possibilities.  I say “advanced,” because in my own personal journey there was no way that I would have ever considered any of them to be exciting prior to my own small penis acceptance.  But, once that happened, I was no longer encumbered by fears and torment that I experienced previously, and found myself willing to explore my own sexuality in a way that was impossible beforehand.  It has been enlightening and uplifting for both my wife and me, and our relationship has improved significantly as a result.

For first-time visitors or those of you who may be struggling with your small penis acceptance, we thought it might be valuable to provide you with a list of previous “small penis acceptance” articles in chronological order so that they would be easier for you to find.   The corresponding comments from our viewers will also be quite helpful for you in understanding the importance of self-acceptance.  We will also include this list in the Articles and Resources section of the Blog as well, so that they will be easier to find going forward.  Hopefully, these articles will provide you with some valuable insight on the importance of accepting your small penis.

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–        Why I Love My Husband’s Small Penis (Steve’s Wife)

–        Facing Our Inner Demons

–        Does Small Penis Acceptance Lead to More Confidence in the Bedroom? June 4, 2013

–        Are There Benefits in Being Small Endowed? May 1, 2013

–        Learning to Accept Our Small Penises and Gaining Sexual Confidence, April 11, 2013

–        Amazing Small Penis Sex Positions, September 27, 2012

In an attempt to help any man (or his wife/partner) in learning how to accept “their” small penis, I would like to ask our regular viewers, who are all fabulous by the way, a series of questions that might help others to overcome the fears and anxieties of having a small penis.


(1)  How long did it take you to learn to accept your (or your partner’s) small penis?

(2)  If a guy with a small penis asked you for advice on how to accept what he has, what advice would you give them?

(3)  What would you say is the most important benefit you have realized in learning to accept your small penis?

As always, please add anything else that you feel is important concerning small penis acceptance.

Do you have any thoughts about this? Please comment on the blog or contact us via the about page.

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  1. (1) How long did it take you to learn to accept your (or your partner’s) small penis?

    I realized I had a small penis when I was 16yo. For about 15 years after that I was very embarrassed by my small penis. I never wanted anyone to see it. It wasn’t until my wife and a fuck buddy of mine both told me (separately) that I was the smallest they’d been with. It really turned me on and I started getting into SPH. Now i love showing off my tiny penis and I am thrilled that it’s so small. I love being outed and admitting that I am small.

    (2) If a guy with a small penis asked you for advice on how to accept what he has, what advice would you give them?

    Best advice I can give is to accept it for what it is. You have a small penis. You will always have a small penis. You can’t do for women what hung men can. Having a small penis doesn’t mean you aren’t a good lover. You simply have to learn other ways to please your partner. Have fun making fun of your penis.

    (3) What would you say is the most important benefit you have realized in learning to accept your small penis?

    Freedom and honesty. I no longer associate manhood with penis size. I no longer feel the need to lie about my size or be embarrassed by it. I actually LOVE when someone tells me I have a tiny penis. It makes me so horny to show it off.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. (1) There were basically two stages to accepting my tiny penis as it is. The first step was to strip naked before other boys voluntarily. During elementary school, I was mocked several times in the lockerrooms and common shower, which resulted in that I did not want to show myself naked. But I realized that the more I wanted to hide, the greater the curiosity of the other classmates. So at the age of 13, I voluntarily stripped naked in the lockerroom for the first time. And in fact, the other guys’ attention decreased. So my shame slowly took off, lockerrooms and common showers lost their terror.

    The second stage was to accept that my small penis gives a woman little pleasure in vaginal sex. For a while I thought that penis size was not important. My first two intimate partners have made no allusions that for my penis is too small. But my third partner and current wife clearly said that penis size matters and mine is too small for her. In contrast to my involuntary nude appearances, this seemed somehow liberating. Of course, I noticed that all intimate partners in vaginal sex remained quite calm and made me so my thoughts. But only the honest statement that my penis is not big enough has given me the impulse to enjoy my wife with tongue and finger. That was pleasurable for both of us. And so was a lack of added value.

    (2) As far as lockerrooms and commonshowers are concerned, I would recommend that you show yourself naked at every reasonable opportunity and laugh at any jokes, best of all to make jokes yourself. Other boys realize very quickly that a boy with a small penis does not let himself be pushed into the victim role.

    As far as sexuality is concerned, my recommendation is open to ask about the woman’s pleasure and to try other ways of satisfying the woman. It is also important that one should become aware of one’s own preferences and talk about them. SPH, orgasm denial or outing are activities that also excite me sexually. Maybe that was always inside of me. But I did not really realize that until I was in my mid-40s. My longtime partner was irritated and she was against that. Twenty years earlier, at the beginning of the relationship, that might have been different.

    (3) The biggest benefit was my self-constraint nudity to classmates and my wife’s statement that my penis was too small. Due to the self-constraint (that for others classmates appearing voluntarily) I learned that the curiosity of other guys is not so big, if you do not hide your small penis. My wife’s statement made me become a master of tongue and finger coordination …

    To clarify, it has not always been easy to put your own insights into practice. Just the nakedness in front of classmates or other boys cost me at first much overcoming; sometimes I dared, sometimes not. It took until it became normal.


    1. Thanks for sharing this!


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