What Are The Implications of Having a Small Endowed Partner? Part III – Masturbation

Here are a few questions concerning the masturbation habits of women married to small endowed men:

(a)  Do you tend to fantasize about other men or photos of large cocks when you masturbate?

(b)  Does the wife of a small husband find masturbation more pleasing?

(c)  Do you find yourself self-pleasuring more often?

(d)  While you used to “wait” for sex with your hubby, do you now turn to masturbation the moment you get aroused?

As always, feel free to add anything else of importance concerning your masturbation habits.





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  1. Yes…when I masturbate I frequently look at large cocks and think about what it would be like to have a big cock. My wife finds masturbation more pleasurable that sex. I am a chronic masturbator. I do it as often as I can.


    1. 😀


  2. My wife’s only orgasms are with her Magic Wand. I get to sit between her legs and watch, and lick her pussy when she is finished.


    1. thanks!


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