What Does A Man With A Small Penis Want?


I think most small endowed men would agree that once a man comes to accept his small penis and its impact on his significant other, changes begin to happen.  This is especially true when “she” accepts and enjoys playing up the reality that he doesn’t measure up.  This can have a profound impact on a relationship, and some changes in the small endowed man’s behavior are quickly noticeable, and may include:  increased patience, easier going, less jealous, liberated and open minded sexually, more giving to his significant other in and out of the bedroom.


We also know that he tends to be fixated on his small penis like never before… wanting to discuss, be teased, compared, denied, and maybe even outed to others by himself or his wife (in a safe way of course).   In some relationships things can even reach new levels to include sex denial, fantasy cuckolding, dominant and passive roles, etc.  The man is not only fixated on his little penis, but on his wife as well.  She becomes his sexual focus – his sexual universe, whether he is allowed to enter her or not, whether she is around him or not… what she says and does to her husband in regards to his small penis will be replayed over and over again in his head.  He loves it!  He loves her!  And most importantly, he loves that his wife can be open about his inadequacy and still loves him.

But what is happening behind the scenes?

What is happening in his head?  Likely he is thinking, day dreaming, contemplating, and fantasizing ALL DAY LONG about these topics.  He is continually replaying things that have occurred with his wife countless times.  He likely thinks about his wife with her dildos, or maybe he fantasies about her being with well-endowed men, and about being outed for being so small – constantly.  Even things he is not sure he wants or is sure that she will do, he is contemplating.

The thing that wives should know is that if your husband has a small penis and you assume a dominant role sexually and tease him about his little penis – then he is willing to do just about anything you ask.  He is likely hoping YOU will take more control over his little penis, that you will tease him relentlessly about his under endowment, and that you will employ creative ideas to make him feel like his little penis is secondly to your sexual pleasure.  He wants you to be in control and he wants to obey your wishes.  He wants you to challenge him to go beyond where he is at and where he is comfortable.

(1Hotwife’s View):  If you’re a woman reading this, you may be getting a good understanding of what is going on in the small endowed man’s mind.  I have to confess it took me a lot of time and many discussions with my husband to really appreciate the possibilities.  And, I will also admit that many of the things we are beginning to explore were never on my radar screen at first, nor even appealing to me.  But, over time, I have been able to digest all of this and have found there really are many interesting, erotic, and intriguing things to explore.

My husband loves to compete and hates to lose.

Everything is a competition for him.  Whether it was competitive sports, when he was younger or simply playing cards or dominoes or virtually anything –he hates to lose.  Many things in life are controllable – if you’re overweight, you can exercise and eat better to improve your body.  If you want a better job, you can pursue and attain more education, etc.  But the ultimate symbol of a man’s sexuality, his penis size is an uncontrollable.  Some small endowed men become angry, jealous and show other negative emotions, but for many “enlightened” small endowed men (like Steve), they see opportunity for excitement and competition.  When I acknowledge that he doesn’t quite measure up, his desire to compensate for his short-comings goes into overdrive.  Simply put, it revs him up like nothing else.  If your husband desires SPT and all the rest, this does not just “level the playing field,” it’s advantage wife.  He WANTS to compete for you, and compensate for his shortcomings.  It puts a woman in a very enviable and powerful position in the relationship.

One of the major benefits of this kind of relationship is it can take a rather uninspiring, unexciting, “vanilla” sexual relationship and turn it into a dynamic, erotic and very fulfilling relationship.  The real beauty is that you can create or customize a small penis sexual relationship that works for the two of you.  The spectrum of possible things you have run the gambit.   You may be into small penis teasing, or perhaps light, small penis humiliation, withholding sex, orgasm denial, “outing,” fantasy cuckolding, role-playing, etc.  You may not want to do them all, so you can pick and choose ala carte from those things that interest you and your partner, and then use them to the extent you want too.

Lastly, the interesting thing is, whether you know it or not, YOU are in total control.  Your husband is fixated on you and will try to please you and meet your requests!


Most of all have fun with this – the couple will become closer because the male is making himself completely vulnerable and submitting to his wife.  She will enjoy the extra attention and calming effects it has on her husband.  If you’re reading this and enjoy being in control of your husband’s penis or enjoy teasing him about his under endowment, then don’t be afraid to push the envelope and try new things.  He wants you to!  Tell him what your desires are, and what turns you on.  Make sure you enjoy the process as a couple and are discussing it often.  Your relationship will get better, and you will feel more loved than when you were just having obligatory, maintenance sex.  The most important benefit is you will be happier and more connected and communicative as a couple.



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  1. Wow, that’s a perfect discription of me, and my wife’s little willy. Since I admitted my submission to her, our relationship has been so much better, both in and out of the bedroom.


    1. Many guys with small penisses submit to their women. I think it’s good!


  2. My needs are first of all acknowledgment. That one is not easy to get as women are trained to NEVER say it’s small. When my wife did finally agree that yes, its small, that changed my life. It was a short time later that she agreed to try tease and denial and now she lives for it. She likes the results.


    1. Thanks for this comment!



  3. Something my wife and I did together when we started communicating openly about my lack of size was to learn about the Tanner classifications and how they relate to testes and penis size and development during teenage years. This really brought to life the experience that many of us have had of from age 13/14 onwards of being under-developed in the showers and gym. That age is really when Tanner stage 5 ought to start. We both thought I had missed out that final stage of development beyond 14 in terms of length/girth and testes size growth. It was only then that she realised what the reality of having a husband with teenage boy ‘equipment’ was by comparator. Learning that together was vulnerable for me; surely she’d want a man with man parts etc. I have been her first and only partner since 18. She’s tying to take on a more dominant role sexually and express her own needs, but it’s not been an easy road.


    1. Absolultely – keep us updated!


  4. Little Guy · · Reply

    I need to see her get the pleasure only a big cock can give her. I need to hear how that cock fills her up and stretches her like I never could imagine while I watch with my little penis in hand. Only after she’s been completely satisfied, I slip my little penis in and get instantly overwhelmed knowing she can barely feel me. She looks at me with pity and in a sweet yet humiliating tone says “it’s okay, make your little mess…I know you can’t help it.”


    1. 🙂


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