The Beauty Of The Braless Woman

OK, this article may be a little off topic, but then again, maybe not.  Let me explain.  One of the things I will readily admit to enjoying the most about summer is women wear less clothes. It’s the best time of year to “perfect” the art of girl-watching.  All men with a pulse do it, but some won’t admit to it, and for those that do, many of them could never do so in the presence of their significant other.  Fortunately for me, my wife is an “enabler” of this hobby of mine.  She will frequently point out some hot woman walking by and I appreciate her willingness to “feed” this habit of mine! 🙂  I love it!


In taking this a step further, one of the things that intrigues me the most about “appreciating” the female form is observing a woman who goes braless. There is just something about observing nice breasts (of any size) braless, that is a turn on, but the thing that turns me on the most regardless of how well-endowed a woman is, are her nipples.

I really love seeing the nipples.  It’s a turn on and titillating.

If you do an Internet search using the term “braless” you will see hundreds of images of women (mostly celebrities) who go braless.  They go braless on the “red carpet,” or if they are out walking their dog, shopping and even appearing on a late night talk show.  But, even women who are not celebrities do it too, but what are their reasons for doing so?  In the summer there may be practical reasons for a woman to go braless. For example, if it’s 110˚ in the shade, we all will wear fewer clothes in an effort to cool off, so women, who might not otherwise be inclined to go braless, might do so in the extreme heat out of necessity.  But, what are other reasons they might do so?   After consulting with my subject matter expert, my wife, here are some other possible reasons:

  • Maybe it’s just out of comfort.  Bras can be restricting, confining, and some women may elect to go without one out of simple comfort and for no other reason. (Note:  My wife reminded me that some women with larger breasts may never go braless for this very reason – it’s uncomfortable for them to do so.)
  • Some women may do so simply as a statement of their confidence, but not necessarily be seeking attention.
  • Some women may be openly “advertising” their assets and sexuality, but also be seeking attention.

So, there seems to be a variety of reasons why women would choose to go braless.  But, how does this tie in to this blog?  Well, it may very well be connected to the “Hotwife” phenomena.  A lot of men who contribute to this blog love their wives to be “Hotwives” and this could potentially play into that role very nicely.  What could be more titillating than for your wife to leave her bra at home?  And for the women “Hotwives” who visit this blog, it could likewise provide a major turn on for your partner.  So here are your questions:


(1)  Do you, or have you gone braless in public?  If you haven’t, would you do so if it turned your partner on?

(2)  When you see other women who do, do you consider them to be slutty, trashy or merely seeking attention?  Or, do you admire them for expressing their sexuality?


(1)  Does your significant other go braless?

(2)  If so, does it turn you on, or off?

(3)  If not, would it turn you if she did?

Lastly, I have to admit that this is a major fantasy of mine.  I have expressed this to my wife, who is very open-minded, but to date, I haven’t been successful in getting her to do it, even though I fantasize about it constantly. I think she might do it under the right circumstances, so I’m still trying to convince her to. I don’t give up easily!   My fantasy doesn’t involve her doing it in a slutty or trashy way, but in a more upscale or professional way.  For example, I fantasize about going out on a date to a nice restaurant, where I wear a suit, and she wears a nice silk blouse and skirt, or a dress – but no bra.  The reason why this is so appealing to me is because she has big… no, she has huge, very prominent nipples.   There is no way they would go unnoticed – but that explains the fascination and excitement for me.  The notion that every guy who checks her out knows she is my “Hotwife” is very erotic and appealing to me!   I told my wife that at the end of this post, I was going to pose this question and she just gave me a devilish look.  Do you think she should fulfill this harmless fantasy of mine?  🙂



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  1. Steve I’m with you 100% on this. My wife never wears a bra and hates them. She always wears clothes that accent her fabulous boobs!

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    1. Wow!


  2. My wife has large saggy DD boobs and the first thing she does when she gets home is take off her bra and let those big tits fall to her belly. When she goes out without a bra I get so horny thinking of all the dicks she is making hard. Her nipples are large too and can be easily seen.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. yummy. Agree 100%


    1. Thanks!


    2. Thanks 🙂


  4. Hi Steve.

    My wife usually wears a bra when going out, but about six months ago I finally convinced her to sleep without a top (just her panties) – she requested I had to sleep without a piece of clothing. Since I only wore underwear to bed, I now sleep naked. This move has improved her self-image and she loves knowing how it teases me. Hopefully, her improved self-confidence will eventually led to her going topless.


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    1. I hope so, for you guys!


  5. Hubby is a boob man. When push comes to shove I wear a ruffled see thru baby doll nightie. He also has a lingerie fetish. He can’t resist my big boobs swinging freely. Poor husband I always get my way.


    1. Hubs has to suffer 😉


  6. Funny this came up. One day when I was bored I started watching Friends on Netflix, binge-watched the first 2 seasons. It’s amazing how many times Jennifer Aniston’s nipples were poking out and even odder that I never noticed years ago. Also ironic her husband is known for his huge dick!


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    1. Hot !


  7. I went sometimes braless… It arousing for me being a women as well…


    1. Absolutely …


  8. It feels so good.. In my own body then..


    1. Nice!

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  9. I WISH I could go braless all the time but I am worried about being shamed for it. Breasts are overly sexualized in this country.
    I would have no problems going braless at a bar or night club but just can’t in day-to-day life.
    Mine are 38 DDD and bras are so uncomfortable. I recently switched to bralettes instead and I prefer them.

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    1. wow!


  10. She certainly shall do it for you..

    Do read my views on going braless and showing off to the hot men..


    1. Nice!


  11. paul · · Reply

    My wife often goes braless. She does it especially when we go clubbing or if she’s out with another guy (she’ll leave her panties home then too). She knows it turns me on!


    1. 😀


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