Do You Have A Hotwife?

When most of us think of the term “Hotwife” we usually associate it with the swinging or cuckolding cultures, but it doesn’t have to be associated with either.  You can have a “Hotwife” – or, if you prefer “Hot Wife” (two words) and it can simply mean that your wife is hot!    I’m lucky.  I have a beautiful and simply stunningly attractive wife.  Because she is a tall, blue-eyed blonde with an engaging smile, she is the kind of woman that, even if you were happily married, you would steal a second glance.   She would probably deny this, but she also radiates sexual energy.  There are just some women, that when you see them, you think to yourself, “She’s hot!”  My wife is one of those women.  She is not just 1Hotwife on the blog, she is ONE HOT WIFE!   I love thinking of her as a Hotwife!

I will also admit that I felt threatened and yes, even jealous about other men being attracted to my wife.  But, with my small penis acceptance, everything changed both inside and outside the bedroom, and to be honest, it wasn’t a moment too soon and was the best thing that ever happened in our relationship.  It allowed me to look at my wife in a new and exciting way and I could acknowledge to myself and to her just how attractive and desirable she was.

So, the title of this post is, Do You Have a Hotwife?

Well, I can only speak for myself, but to me, the answer is obvious, yes, I do have a Hotwife.  The benefits of telling your wife she is a “Hotwife” can be numerous too and include:

Confidence:  When you think your wife is a Hotwife and you tell her, it can give her a lot of confidence.  But it’s even deeper than that.  Everyone LOVES compliments and that includes your Hotwife.  When was the last time you complimented her on how she looks, a new hair style, or how great she looks in that new blouse or anything else for that matter?  If she goes to work and other guys are feeding this need and you’re not she is left wondering why do other guys notice me, but my own husband doesn’t?  It may be flattering to her that other guys notice, but it’s deflating when her own partner never makes a positive comment.  And don’t give the excuse, “Oh my wife knows what I think.  We have been married so long, she has to know.”  Compliments never get old and they feed the confidence.  To be honest, I know I still need to do a better job with this, but I am trying to be much more aware of the need to be more vocal about this.  By the way, when my wife feels like a Hotwife that translates into her feeling more desirable. She feels a lot more confidence and sexual energy, and that translates into more sex for me!  🙂

Motivation (Her):  Being a Hotwife can serve as a major source of motivation for a woman.  If a woman feels like a Hotwife, it can inspire her to look even better, and to be in better shape.  If my Hotwife gains a half a pound, it’s damn near a catastrophe.  She wants to look her best both in and out of clothes, so she is very motivated to go to the gym and watch what she eats, because she wants to feel like a Hotwife.

Motivation (Him):  Surprisingly, having a Hotwife can (or should) provide motivation to the man to be a “Hot Husband.”  It should be unacceptable for a man to insist his wife look like a Hotwife, while he gets a free pass.  No Hotwife is going to want work hard to look her best and have a partner who is a couch potato.  If having a Hotwife doesn’t inspire you to want to look your best, it should.

Inspiration & Validation:  Having a Hotwife is inspiring. My wife is in a little bit of denial about this, but I have witnessed how other men look at my wife with my own eyes.  I have literally seen men walk into walls or fall off chairs because they are fixated on her. They might be attracted to her because she is a tall, striking blonde, or because of her great tits, ass or legs.  Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that men are fixated on my Hotwife.

Here is a funny but true story.  One time my wife had to work with a guy that she knows is a major “perv.”  He’s married, but just has this constant bad habit of saying things that are totally inappropriate and even sexually suggestive.  So he is working with my wife one time, and she felt like he was staring at her cleavage, which he was, and he just blurted out, “You have great tits.”  Now, if he had said that to anyone else, he might have gotten slapped in the face or called up to the sexual harassment committee but because my wife was not threatened at all, she just brushed it off.   Now, when she told me that story later I found it humorous, and I said, “Well, even though it was inappropriate, I’m sure he was just verbalizing what every other guy is thinking, but would never dare to say. I have to give him credit for at least being honest.”

Here’s another example.

As I said, I love my wife’s body, and everything I say about it is true.  I especially love my wife’s breasts and obviously other guys do too.  I think they are perfect in every way.  I have told her many times over the years, that she had the breasts of an 18-year old.  They are perky and firm – just perfect.  By the way, the photo above was no accident, I chose it because this woman’s breasts look almost identical to my Hotwife’s.  Several years ago, she was in her upper 40’s and decided to explore the idea of breast implants.  I told her that her breasts were perfect, but I think she wanted them a little more “enhanced.” Well, we went in to see the surgeon to get an opinion.  She took off her clothes, and what do you think were the first words out of his mouth?  He said, “You have the breasts of an 18-year old.”  I thought to myself, “Where have you heard that before?  Oh, wait, I said that!   She decided not to go through with it, but for me, and I think even for her, to hear a doctor who sees breasts all day long say the same thing to her at that age was more validation.

I love having a Hotwife.  She obviously has the body, but she also has the personality, and seeing the irrefutable evidence that I know other guys are turned on by my wife as well, is actually very exciting!

So here are your questions:


  • Do you think of your wife as a Hotwife? If so, why, and if not, why not?
  • If she doesn’t consider herself to be one, do you wish she would?
  • If you know your wife commands the attention of other men, does that turn you on or off?


  • Are you a Hotwife? Does your husband consider you one?
  • If not, do you wish your husband thought of you as a Hotwife?

As always, feel free to add your thoughts!



  1. great advice, thanks for sharing


    1. My pleasure 🙂


  2. Good points of view, I enjoyed it!


    1. Thanks for the compliment!


  3. Valentina Jones · · Reply

    i think my wife is a total HOTWIFE! i give her compliments everyday and usually more than just once…it just comes naturally as i truly worship Her. i owe Her as much for taking me on as Her sub, turning me into Her sissy, and eventually marrying me even though She is disappointed with the size of my penis (i am just under 4″ stiff and i also prematurely ejaculate). She is REALLY attractive and dresses kind of eccentrically, and so She draws the attention of men and women alike when She is out in public at all…She doesn’t like men very much, and so it annoys Her when they are inappropriate with Her but part of that REALLY turns me on (and She knows it does so it works out good for us both). We are not currently a cuckolding couple but are working positively in that direction with our Female Led Relationship next.


    1. Wow, sounds great!


  4. Yes I have a hot wife. She is petite, busty and she loves to dress in provocative clothing. It is so sensual watching her in bars and out in malls and the street. 8 feel blessed to have her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should!

      Liked by 1 person

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