Men with Tiny Sissy Penises vs. Women with Large Breasts

I read a very fascinating article recently that I wanted to share with you.  This article was posted on the Small Penis Therapy website.  The site is run by “Kathy” who is a sex therapist, whom I find her to be very engaging and interesting and she posts some very thought provoking topics.

This article suggests a possible correlation between those of us with small penises and our supposed preference for well-endowed women. Here is the article in its entirety:

“I have had several female clients over the years who have come to me because either their husbands or boyfriends were under endowed and they were seeking help to deal with their lover’s shortcomings or to help him overcome feelings of inadequacy. The women as a group, were representative of our population: white, hispanic, asian, black, tall, short, thin, athletic, average, obese, etc. But a majority of them had another trait that I had never picked up on until one client finally blurted out in a session: “Why are men with small penises so attracted to women with large breasts?”

I told her that I didn’t think that was the case that men with small penises are no more likely to be attracted to a woman with large breasts as they are to a flat-chested woman. She argued that she had four lovers with small penises and two of her friends (both D cups) had three lovers each who did not measure up. Her more modestly endowed friends either had one such lover or none at all.

I still didn’t believe her, but when I went over my female clients over the past few years in my mind, I realized there was something there. I contacted each of them and all were willing to give me their measurements. As it turns out, 72% of my female clients who had lovers with small penises were a D cup or larger. And of those, 84% reported having at least one more lover who possessed a small erect penis and 76% reported having two or more previous under endowed lovers. By contrast all of the modestly endowed women who came to me seeking help were experiencing a below average erect penis for the first time.

So what does this mean? I don’t know…My study is but a small sample of what’s going on out there. I do wonder, however, if men who feel inadequate are drawn to women with large breasts because there is something innately nurturing about them?”


OK, so what do you think? For the small endowed men out there, do you have a preference one way or the other?  Or does the breast size of a woman have no bearing on what attracts you her?  Personally, I found this topic to be very interesting.  I do have a personal preference for women with large, natural breasts – not implants, but big, natural breasts, like a D or DD cup size.  But, I have also been attracted to women with average and even small breasts.  So, for me, yes, I do have a preference, but no, a woman’s bra-size is not a deal breaker.  What about the rest of you?

For the women out there, what has been your experience?

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  1. My penis is 5″ hard….my wife is a DD cup. My wife is also a BBW. There may be a connection between women who have large breasts and may also be heavier, giving them less self esteem. As a man with a small penis, I have always depended on my personality and emotional connection with my partner to prove myself a good lover. Friends of mine that have large penises only tend to be attracted to the “Barbie” type women. You’ll rarely see a buff hung guy with an overweight woman, conversely, that woman is probably very small breasted unless she has implants.


    1. Absolutely ! .. BBW’s are very, very beautiful women, and strong, too.

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  2. Yes, I have to admit this does strike a cord, my lovely wife is 36c and i am 4.5″

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  3. kate s · · Reply

    My husband’s penis is also 5″ hard but he he prefers small breasts to large ones; in fact the flatter the better it seems from looking at his recent browsing history.


    1. Did he show you or did you just control him?


  4. Peter Petronius · · Reply

    Despite or perhaps precisely because of my (to) small penis (errect 3.7×4.2 inch 9,5×10,6 cm length/girth) I (54) had about 20 relationships or affairs with women and (for me) can not confirm any (negative/positive) correlation between the size of my penis and the breasts of the women I had sexual intercourse.
    Greetings from Germany an thumbs up for this blog.


    1. Thanks for the compliment! I works for you 😉


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