The first step to start an affair with a well-endowed man

I’m sure the title of this post will definitely get attention.   I recently solicited ideas for topics from our readers, and one of our female readers responded with several very interesting questions, and three of them have a similar theme, so I decided to present them here collectively.


These are excellent, thought provoking questions and anyone (or couple) who has contemplated extramarital sex (in any form) has no doubt thought of, or contemplated these same questions.  To the three questions below, I would even add what about safety and safe sex issues as well, but for now, try to focus on the questions listed.

The concept of consensual extramarital sex is obviously controversial and not for every one.  But, seeing your wife with another man is a very common fantasy of men, and I have found it is even more so among smaller endowed men.   This isn’t an endorsement of it, rather an attempt to shed some light on the subject and the issues involved if considering it.

However you choose to respond to these questions, the only thing I ask is that you do so in a respectful, thoughtful and truthful way.   If you don’t have any experience with this, then please don’t give us your hypothetical answer.  And if you don’t agree with the concept of extramarital sex, just say so.

First Question: “Is it considered cheating when the husband gives permission for his wife to explore other men?

Second Question: “For the religious folk, how do you handle being on the fringes of immoral behavior?  Is it a struggle? Can a woman have sex with other men with her husband’s permission and not be an abomination?

Third Question: “Has anyone had these fetishes or fantasies “crossed” the line and had regrets?



  1. Over the years it has become a lot more common for men to become a cuckold because of their Hotwife. Think of it this way, wouldn’t you rather know about it and deal with it? We have several couples that have a cuckold Hotwife relationship and it works out well for them. Everyone gets what they want out of it.


    1. Cuckolding is defintevely a mainstream lifestyle now!


  2. Stan · · Reply

    If the husband gives his blessing we do not consider it cheating for a wife to experience other men.
    At my encouragement my wife had a relationship with one other man for about four months and we have no regrets.


    1. Great, why not describe it more in detail?


  3. Please let me know your thoughts on this please?


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