What is a pencil dick?

As we all know, penises come in all sizes. Men usually tend to place a lot of importance on the length of their penises. How many inches long is it? That seems to be our primary source of interest. But for women, it’s a different story. Surveys generally say that women place even more importance on the thickness of a cock than the length. Yes, some women want a man with both a good length and thickness, but if they had to choose, they usually nominate thickness as most important.


One of our readers wrote to me and said that he had a 6” cock. I thought, OK, that’s in the average range. But he then added that his girth was only 4 inches, and thus he referred to his cock as a small, “pencil dick.” Of course, I had heard that term before, but it got me thinking that we needed to cover this topic.

So, what exactly qualifies as a “pencil” dick? Generally a pencil dick is thinner than average or might even be considered a “skinny” cock. I saw one site that said to “qualify” as a pencil dick you’re girth measurement would be under 4 ½ inches. That seems to be reasonable as an “average” girth is usually stated as being between 4 ½ to a little over 5 inches around.

Now, the interesting thing is, some of us are smaller in length and thickness, and usually the word that comes to mind is simply “small” but not necessarily a pencil dick. If you do a search on the internet, most “pencil dick” sites usually feature guys ranging from slightly below average to slightly above average in length, but they all have very slender cocks. So, the first thing you notice is they are definitely lacking in the thickness department rather than the length.

In any event, the question is how many of you have “pencil” dicks?  How have women responded to it?  And, for women, what did you think is most important, the length or the girth?

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  1. I have a short 5″ length but am 5.75″ around:


  2. Mine is proportionate. A picture would look normal if it had nothing in it to compare. 4 long and 4 around


  3. I have a tiny thin penis, a true pencil dick. That’s why my wife cuckolds me.


    1. … tell us more!


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