Penis size statistics

One of the most interesting and fascinating questions for most men, is what is the average penis size?  We all want to know how we measure up compared with other men.  One of the first topics I posted on the blog back in 2011 was reference to a number of surveys conducted by a half a dozen sources.

As we all know, one of the problems with statistics when it comes to penis size is what was the methodology used to come up with the numbers?  The famous Kinsey Statistics were self-reported, thus not very reliable.  The same thing goes for random Internet polls, which usually yield a much higher average than other polls, and are also very unreliable and suspect.   Another frequently cited poll is the one conducted by Lifestyle Condoms during a spring break that measured college students which yielded an average 5.87 Inches long, while the average girth was 4.97 inches.  The sample size was only about 300, and the problem with this poll, since it was strictly voluntary, is how many small endowed men would even “volunteer” to be measured?  Probably not very many.

New Average Penis Size Statistics in Great Britain

I have been in contact with Joe Nelson, who is the founder of a company called “They Fit” Condoms.  As I had reported earlier, they sell condoms that are customized to fit virtually any penis size.  They Fit has kept statistics on over 20,000 customers they have had that are from Great Britain, and the results are quite interesting.  The company found the average British man is only 5.1 inches long, rather than the often quoted average of six inches, while the average girth (circumference) is 4.7 inches.  In fact:

26 per cent of men are less than five inches.

53 per cent are between five and six inches.

21 per cent of men are longer than six inches.

There was also a staggering four inch difference in the circumference of the smallest and largest men.

The findings are considered to be highly accurate for two reasons:  (1) Condoms are not sold as “Small” or “Big” rather you measure your penis with the “They Fit” kit which yields a discreet code, rather than a measurement in inches.  (2)  Since men are purchasing condoms to fit, there is a much less likelihood of exaggerating your size.  How many people are likely to purchase something that doesn’t fit?  Not many.  Personally, I tend to believe that these are very accurate statistics, and for the reasons cited.  The entire article can be found here:

So, the good news for you Englishmen, if your erection is 5 inches, you have an average sized penis in Great Britain!   Is there bad news?  Perhaps.  There was a previously reported study done by the ‘Institut fuer Kondom-Beratung’ which measured penises in their erect state belonging to 10,477 brave volunteers from all 25 countries in the European Union.   They found that the average penis size of the British to be 5.2“ long and 4.5“ in circumference – very is very close to the figures reported by The Fit.   The bad news?  The British ranked 23rd out of 25 countries in the EU in average penis size.  The French led the way with an average length of 6.1 inches and a girth of 5.4 inches.   I don’t know a lot about their methodolgy, but found this study interesting as well.  Thus, it will be interesting to see if They Fit Condoms reveals any country-by country statistics for the EU in the future.

What do our readers think?  Are there any statistics you have seen which you believe to be reliable?  What do you believe is the average penis size?

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  1. I’m just at 5″ and believe me, I’m small. I’ve not seen many in person smaller than mine. Most I see are around 6″.


  2. Steve, I don;t really care what any survey says since I am just under 4″ hard. That is small on any scale.


    1. Definitively !


  3. Stan · · Reply

    Just a couple of quick comments.
    1. I believe that the They Fit data is biased to the small side and would not represent the population as a whole. The average and larger sized guys don’t have a problem buying good fitting condoms in retail outlets. Regular condoms don’t fit the smaller endowed guys very well so a higher percentage of They Fit customers may be less endowed, thereby skewing the data.
    2. Measuring for They Fit condoms is done from the underside of the penis. So the data is not comparable to other studies except for the recent Herbenick study which used the They Fit measuring tool. The Herbenick study found the average penis length to be about 5.6 inches. To compare yourself to either set of data you would have to use the They Fit measuring procedure.
    3. The They Fit measuring tool results in a letter designation. That letter designation covers a range of sizes. So if your designation is an E, like mine, the range is 4 inches to 4.375 inches. So the size, within that range selected by the researcher could also skew the data.


    1. Nice, thanks for the info! I should highlight this!


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