The power of cum

One of our frequent female contributors (Michele) commented about something not long ago that is fascinating and has not been discussed on this blog before, so I thought I would introduce the topic here.  She has done this with a number of men in the past with great success, and it really turns her on.  In addition, I have even received some personal emails from men and women alike on the subject, so since it is a rather taboo subject, I thought it should be explored.  Here is how Michele explained it:

“Now, one thing that I have done, which takes things from both the power and humiliation world, and adds in reality that REALLY is powerful and erotic is: Give your man a blow job, nice and slow… when he cums in your mouth, do not rush off to spit it out or swallow it. Hold it in your mouth and move to kiss him. As you kiss him, do not spit the cum in his mouth, but let it be there, dripping into his mouth and rolling off your tongue in a normal French kiss kind of way. He will not realize it at first, but suddenly he will know what happened. Because this came from you, he will accept it. Possibly protesting… but you can say, that you’re in charge and you want him to accept it. Make or break really… is the man really serious about you controlling his cock??? Well, if you say so, he must drink his cum for you.

You see, many men are homophobic and will not eat their own cum. Women are expected to lick their used dildos, suck their juices off their fingers – but a man will run from the sight of their own cum. As a women, getting your man to accept his cum is powerful… it helps the man to accept himself and his role – you are in charge after all. Now, the KEY is not to ask him if it is ok… most men will not be open to it. But surprise him with a cum-filled kiss and he soon will accept his role and enjoy his own taste.”

So, the questions are:

(1)  How many of you women have actually tried this?

(2)  And for men, have you done this?

(3)  If you haven’t tried it, would you if you’re partner wanted to try it?

Do you have any thoughts about this? Please write me a comment, or contact me via my about about page.

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  1. I almost always eat my cum. I love it and have loved it since I was a teenager when my GF asked me “what does it taste like?” while we were watching a porn movie.

    My wife is the one who hates cum and won’t let me eat it in front of her. I either have to wait for her to get up or tell her not to look.


    1. Are you allowed to cum inside her?


  2. Penney Panties · · Reply

    My wife does not like the taste of cum, so this isn’t likely to happen to me. However when I do cum I am usually required to eat my cum. I don’t especially like the taste as some do, but since I am not allowed to cum inside of her I’ve learned to eat cum.

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    1. Interesting – I have never eaten cum yet…


      1. Penney Panties · ·

        Humm, that is interesting. I don’t remember the first time, but it definitely enhances my submission. Now that you have put idea out there for your Mistress, you’ll be eatin’ it.


      2. ..that’s the spirit!


  3. I do this every time my I suck my husband’s cock. He always cleans me up after he cums inside of me and we kiss after. We both LOVE his cum


    1. 🙂 Hot!


  4. Greg · · Reply

    Once my wife gave me a hand job. I was naked and laid on the couch and she was jerking me off. When I blew my load she used her fingers to sweep up the cum and told me to suck the cum off her fingers. She did this repeatedly iuntil I had eaten up the full load. She was very dominating and smeared cum on my face and told me to lick it all up.

    She would also make me eat out her pussy right after I came inside her or sometimes she would make me withdraw and cumin her pussy and then lick it all up.



    1. … How did it evolve from there? I believe you were on a good way – congrats for having such a great wife!


      1. It evolved into me eating my cum out of her pussy or cumming on her pussy and licking it all up.

        Eventually she wanted me to fluff her bulls and get them hard!


  5. […] Source: The power of cum […]


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