Are There Benefits in Being Small Endowed?

I think it’s fairly safe to say that most of us who are lesser endowed would have been hard pressed at some point in our lives to identify even one benefit of being small. That’s kind of sad if you think about it, but unfortunately true for many of us. But, once you gain acceptance of your smaller size, you may come to realize there are actually a number of advantages being small. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but a sample of some of those advantages which might include:


(a) Oral Sex: Obviously oral sex is much easier for our partners to perform with us

(b) Anal Sex: Those who enjoy anal sex usually nominate a small penis as being ideal for this activity,

(c) Absence of Pain: There is also much less if any pain associated to having sex with a man who is small endowed.

(d) Willingness to Compensate:  Many small endowed men are usually much more enthusiastic when it comes to oral sex, incorporating sex toys, or pleasuring their partners in other creative ways

There are of course many other advantages as well.  I was reading an interesting article the other day called, “25 Great Reasons about Having a Small Penis” that I thought I would share with you:


You might not agree with all of these advantages, but if you think deeply about it, you just might realize that there really are many benefits associated in being small endowed.

Does anyone have anything else to add to the list?



  1. I have always wanted to have a large penis, until I talked with a guy who was 8″ hard and about 5″ limp. He told me he’d never been deep throated, never given anal, never able to go all the way in a woman with them experiencing discomfort. He also said it’s uncomfortable crammed in his pants and it’s embarrassing when he gets an erection at an inopportune time as his bulge is hard to hide. He said he’d had a couple of women refuse sex with him because he was “too big”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate having a small cock and I wish I was so hung I could be a circus freak…..but being small has its advantages.

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    1. .. it does, that’s true .. but I still admire big men!


      1. Me too. Just told a friend yesterday that I’d love to have a dick so big that I could win bar bets with it.


  2. Penney Panties · · Reply

    I thought it was interesting that along side the article about the benefits of a small penis were only adds for penis enlargement–lots of them. haha I was looking for information on how to shrink mine. I’m fairly small, barely an inch and a half flaccid, and I love it! I would like it to stay that way. My wife has me in chastity, and that of course keeps it from growing. I’m curious about the long tern effects and shrinkage from being locked up.

    When I was younger I was embarrassed about being so small. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to embrace and love my size. Now I can’t imagine having a big penis, it wouldn’t even fit in my panties.

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    1. Since when are you locked? Interesting to read about shrinkage when locked – I should look into this!


    2. I used to be horribly embarrassed by my small penis, but now I openly admit that I’m small and gladly share my measurements.


      1. …and that’s good!


  3. The main advantage to me is the fact that my wife has rally taken off with experimenting in SPT. She loves it and it gets better all the time.


    1. Yes, SPT is really hot if both of you “know what you’re doing” … how long have you been doing it?


  4. 1 my husband fits in my panties so we share panties and a dresser draw
    2 he fits into a CB 6000 S so easy for him to wear it to work
    3 he is ashamed to undress in front of other men so he won’t join a gym I get the membership
    4 he can wear a strap on harness

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    1. Nice, he wears a strap on?


  5. I wear a penis extender:


    1. Never tried them, to be honest — which one are you using?


      1. It’s called “The Black Mamba”. My wife says it’s too big. I fucked her with it once and she made me stop. I wear it now just to see what it’s like to be hung. I’ve actually worn it under my clothes so I would have a bulge.


      2. Wow, I just googled it – it’s big! I’d like to see the girls reaction on this massive bulge…


      3. I got the head inside my wife’s pussy and tried to fuck her with it but she said it was uncomfortable. I told her she’s stretch out but she refused. I really wanted to stretch her pussy.

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      4. …maybe she should do pussy exercises 😉


  6. Martin · · Reply



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