How to do small penis humiliation (SPH)

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) and teasing is the most popular topic on my blog. Click here to read my articles on it. In a way, that kind of surprises me.  But what really surprised me is the number of women who are really into it. They seem to get off giving us the small penis teasing we crave.  But, what these women probably don’t realize about it is that for those of us with little cocks, small penis humiliation is not just the occasional teasing or reminders from our partners that we don’t measure up, rather it’s a daily occurrence for us.


The above photo is a perfect illustration.  How many of you have seen a similar cartoon or other graffiti in a men’s restroom reminding you of your small cock size?  A simple every day occurrence such as visiting a typical men’s room can be very humiliating for a small endowed man.  Though in the above photo there are partitions between urinals, this is usually not the case.  Most urinals in men’s rooms are open, requiring men to whip out their cocks in full view of those on either side of us.   Maybe it’s just me, but what I have observed is that most well-endowed men will usually stand further away from the urinal, and whip out their large cocks, hands on hips, and look straight ahead, oblivious of who is next to them.  Small endowed men tend to stand closer to the urinal, and are more apt to hold their much smaller penises to avoid making a mess.   We are more nervous, and though we try to look straight ahead, we can’t help but look down to the right and down to the left to see how much larger the men on either side of us are.  Invariably, they are always larger, sometimes, they are much larger.

We also often frequent the gym and run into much the same kind of humiliation.  In locker rooms, have you noticed how men with larger penises always seem so much more confident than us lesser endowed men?  They walk through the locker room and shower supremely confident and totally nude, with their large, thick cocks dangling between their legs.  Small endowed men are more apt to cover themselves up with a towel, or to turn away to avoid “exposing” our smallness to other men.

Here is a little secret for the women married to small endowed men who enjoy small penis humiliation that you should know.  Many small endowed men who finally acquiesce and have accepted their lack of manhood frequently get off on these types of visual comparisons.  In fact, they often seek these comparisons out because it is a continual reminder of why small penis humiliation is such a turn on for them.  A good question that women should ask who are into providing their husbands SPH is, “How does it make you feel when you are nude next to another man who has a much larger cock?”  You might be surprised by his answer.

Do any of you other small endowed men have other examples of daily small penis humiliation you would like to share?

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  1. jess · · Reply

    my husband kevin loves when I make fun of his tiny dicklet, its so much fun taking pics and videos of him stroking his baby dick with one finger and his thumb, then showing them to my friends so they can laugh


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