Talking about bulls with larger dicks

This question is for the married (or otherwise attached) women out there.

Have you told your current husband/partner about your previous lover(s) that were better-endowed than he is?  If so what was his response?

  1. No, this is a subject I couldn’t possibly talk about with him
  2. Yes, I told him, but he is very insecure and I won’t bring it up again
  3. Yes, he was very curious, and was even excited to hear about it

And if you have experienced larger men, were they also better in bed?

For many of us small endowed men, it really turns us on to hear about our partners more well-endowed lovers.  When you tell us how much longer or thicker (or both) your former lovers were, it’s kind of like a mild form of small penis humiliation many of us crave.

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  1. We were married 10 years before my wife finally confessed her exBF had a bigger penis. She said he could “get deeper inside her” and that it felt amazing. She didn’t know how big he was in inches, but she looked at some household objects to find one as big as her ex. A TV remote control that measured 7.5″ long was the object most similar in size.

    Over the years she has become a lot more open about her love of bigger cocks and we have even discussed her taking a lover, but I can’t get her to take the next step. She is content to use her vibrator and fantasize about a hung stud filling her.

    I keep encouraging her to find a fuck buddy and have her reaffirm that my cock is small and she would enjoy a bigger one. So far, no luck. But I hold out hope that one day I’ll hear the words, “He was so big and it felt so good”.

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    1. … you’ll need to work on her – once you’re actually in a cuckolding relationship, it’s really awesome.
      Have you read the guide yet?


      1. I am ready to do it. My wife is who needs convincing. I’d love for her to get deep into the lifestyle and become an absolute slut.


      2. I’ll be closely following your blog and await updates!!


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