Does Small Penis Acceptance Lead to More Confidence in the Bedroom?

Often times, guys who have not been able to accept their small penis size are paralyzed in the bedroom.  They worry so much about their size that they just can’t perform like they would like to because they worry constantly about whether or not they are “enough” for their partners.   But, many guys who been able to accept their smaller size have reported that it has allowed them to be more confident and creative in the bedroom because of realistic expectations.  Usually these guys have also said that they have had a “small penis discussion” with their wives.   After these discussions they usually report that it’s like a weight lifted off their shoulders because they no longer feel like they have to be something they’re not – a big cock stud, but instead they can focus on the more important issue of completely pleasuring satisfying their wives.


Here’s a question for men and women alike.   What are your thoughts on the matter?  Does small penis acceptance lead to more confidence in the bedroom because of more realistic expectations?  Have you experienced this?



  1. Absolutely spot on! I was never unable to perform, but there are some positions that I can’t do because of my small penis. I was a weight lifted when I could tell my wife, “This position won’t work because I’m too small”. We have some “go to” positions that almost always get my wife off. Others we don’t try anymore because I just end up falling out of her. We also almost always start off with me giving her oral and her having a great orgasm, then the pressure is off and if she cums again that’s good, if she doesn’t that’s fine too. There are times when my penis just can’t get her off.


    1. True, there are some positions which us men with small penisses usually have to have with our wives … as you say: “There are times when my penis just can’t get her off.” True. Steve


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