Talking about your husband’s small penis

I saw this graphic and it got me thinking. One subject you hear about from time to time is some women, at one time or another, have told a girlfriend(s) that their husband is small endowed. I’m not sure where this statistic came from, but I found the topic intriguing.   In perusing some websites and forums on the subject, it does seem that this topic is being discussed openly by women.


So here are a few questions for ladies:

  • Have you told anyone about your hubby’s small endowment?
  • If so, was it embarrassing for you to admit to another woman that your husband didn’t quite measure up?
  • If her partner was better-endowed, did you feel envious or shortchanged?
  • If you have told anyone, does your husband know you told them?

Do you have any thoughts about this? Please write me a comment, or contact me via my about about page.

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  1. I know for a fact my wife has told her friends I have a small penis because she told me. She said a few of her friends confessed their husbands were the smallest they had ever had but a couple said their husbands were so big it was painful if he wasn’t careful. My wife told me she thinks a small penis is better than on that hurts, but she’d rather have one that’s just the right size.

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    1. Us men don’t realize _how_ much women talk about size, for sure. Only few know that they talk very openly about sex amongst themselves…


  2. I’ve shared my spouse’s lack of endowment with a close friend who’s also aware of other parts of our relationship. I’ve not talked openly about it with other women except in a humorous way so that they most probably thought I was kidding.

    It wasn’t embarrassing and I’ve never felt shortchanged. Sissy makes up for her lack of endowment in other ways. And yes, she knows that I’ve told my friend.


    1. It’s really hot to know that you talk with your friends … then it gets hot!


  3. stevewed · · Reply

    My ex-wife used to tell all her friends about my lack of size. She had lots of discussions before we got married, apparently, not knowing whether to go through with it. She later admitted that she had sex with some well hung guys in the weeks leading up to the wedding, many of them who came to our reception. Lots of jokes were made in the speeches about my small dick. Her mother was always teasing me about it.


    1. Wow, hot story! How’s your status now?


  4. Kevin · · Reply

    I live in a small town. My ex wife told all her friends about how tiny my dick is. So now everyone in town knows I have a little dick. I now encourage my new wife to show pics of me naked to her friends so they can all see how tiny I am and laugh. It’s such a Turn on knowing they all no.


    1. Getting humiliated is hot!


  5. Kevin · · Reply

    I wish I could post a pic so you could all laugh


    1. Why don’t you send me one and I’ll do it?


  6. jessica · · Reply

    my husband kevin has a tiny little baby dick.I have several large dildos that i use and let him watch.He likes when i make fun and laugh at his tiny dicklet,He evan gives me permission to fuck other guys with real cocks witch i sometimes do.i like to take pictures and videos of him stroking his puny penis with one finger and thumb to show my friends and post online. he really likes it so why not indulge his fetish.


    1. Do you have a blog as well?


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