Measuring your husband’s penis size

How many of you ladies have measured the penis size of your current or former partners?  I think there is a lot more of this going on than people would have you to believe.  Many women secretly or openly want to know the penis size of their partner and how he measures up with other men.  And if the truth be known, men love it when women are curious about our penis size and want to measure them.  You will find most men will be eager to let you measure them regardless of their penis size.  We love it when you know our size and when you refer to our penis in inches.  So, why take our word for it?  Go ahead and measure us and see for yourself!


I was perusing the internet recently and found a site where women were “chatting” about this topic very enthusiastically.  Here are some of their comments.  Apparently there is a lot of penis measuring going on!    I see an interesting pattern here, do you?

After a gr8 night out, last night for a giggle I took the tape measure out on my old man   He was only 4 ½ inches long. Having compared with my friends info, I think my hubby is seriously not measuring up!  lol – ( I suspected as much)

Hmm, He is only 5”, and I think I could accommodate a larger organ  

My husband’s erection is almost 5 inches long. I have never had sex with anyone else so I have no idea if size matters. I wonder what 7 or 8 inches would feel like. 5 inches is perfect for oral sex but I am curious about sex with a larger man.  Do I approach him with this fantasy?

He is only 4” and not nearly big enough, although I would never tell him that though

He’s 7, but the width is outrageous and I love it 😉

7 when really turned on. And 2in thick. Sometimes it hurts when he wants it in deep.

We measured it a couple weeks ago lol.  6.5inches long, and 6.5 inches around. Just perfect.

Not big enough.. Ugh 😦

A good 9 inches with respectful girth..and amazing hang time!

He’s only about 5 inches but he’s got a tongue like a GOD……..:)

 He is a tad over 8 inches and pretty thick.  He can rip me apart if he is not careful but I love it.

8 inches about 2 thick.  He’s a master.

My last 2 have been (sorry guys) tiny like maybe 4-5 in, my bf before that was BIG, like 9in and fat.   So it really sucks going from big to small! 

3 inches! Try to find condoms that will fit! No luck

 7inches…About normal I’d say. I’ve been with bigger and smaller but he’s the first to make me “O” 😉

So, if you haven’t ever measured your partner, take out a cloth tape measure to measure his girth and a ruler to measure his length and see how he measures up.  If you did, what did you think?  Were you disappointed, pleasantly surprised?  And, how did he compare with your former partners?

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  1. Jessica · · Reply

    My husband Kevin is just under 4 inch’s fully erect and quite skinny, pretty much the size of my pinky finger. So I keep him locked in chastity.


    1. Wow!


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