Why penis enlargement?


The image like the one above caught my eye.  A lot of typical small endowed men would see it and probably say, “I wish I was average!”

The subject of a man’s penis size used to be a very taboo subject indeed.  And yes, there was definitely a double standard.  As men, we could always talk about the size of women’s breasts, etc., but you weren’t supposed to talk about the size of our penises.  That was taboo.  But, over the last 30-40 years, society has changed and the topic of a man’s penis size has become much more acceptable in society.  In general, that is probably a good thing, but for those of us who are smaller endowed, it has also caused us a lot of internal anxiety.

The subject of penis size is now openly discussed on prime time TV shows like Ally McBeal, Sex in the City, etc., where women often extol the virtues of men who are well endowed.  They are seen as more virile, masculine and desirable, while men who are lesser endowed are seen as less manly and therefore, less desired.

There are shows like this on TV, and then there are our own personal experiences.  I remember one time many years ago, when I went to a gathering after work.  I was the only male that showed up with six women.  We all had a few drinks, and then seemingly out of nowhere, one of the women brought up the issue of penis size.  One of the women exclaimed, “If a guy doesn’t have at least 6 inches, he’s not worth my time.”  Another woman added, “The bigger, the better,” one woman said, “I don’t care how long it is, I just want it to be thick.”   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and wished I could have just disappeared.  Finally, one woman, who glanced at me, probably seeing my discomfort said, “Well, I don’t care how big it is, he has to know what to do with it.”  She was immediately shot down by the others, but I appreciated her effort to rescue me from a very uncomfortable situation.  These were just six “normal” women, who under the influence of a few drinks were unabashed at describing their preference for a bigger penis.  I have to say, it was uncomfortable, but enlightening at the same time.

With all of the focus on big penises, it’s really no surprise that the Penis Enlargement industry has exploded and capitalized on the situation, targeting men like me who are lesser endowed.  I have to admit, many, many years ago I took the bait, and tried every conceivable penis enlargement program on the market. I suppose it’s possible that some of these programs work for some men, but obviously, they didn’t work for me.

How many of you have received penis enlargement emails?  I still seem to get 2-3 a week.  They say things like, “Wouldn’t you like 3 more inches?”  Or, “Doesn’t your wife deserve more cock?”  Of course, their websites usually show images of supremely endowed men too.

And then there are the famous “infomercials.”  One night, we left the TV on and we both woke up to a 30-minute infomercial on penis enlargement.  A woman was being interviewed and said, “Well, since he started using this product, our sex life has really improved,” and she batted her eyes and then sheepishly added, “And I have to admit, I like his bigger size too.”  Fortunately, my wife and I had already had our “penis size” talk, so we found the infomercial to be amusing.  But, I thought about what about other small endowed men who saw this with their wives must be thinking, and what would their wives be thinking?  It could be a very uncomfortable situation.

That leads to the questions:

(1)  How many of you small endowed men have tried one or more penis enlargement products?

(2)  How many of you women out there have encouraged your man to try them?  If you haven’t, would you?

Do you have any thoughts about this? Please write me a comment, or contact me via my about about page.

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  1. I have spent hours researching ways to increase my size. Of course, no safe non surgical methods exist that will permanently make you bigger. I finally accepted my small penis and now find that I enjoy going against the normal social behavior of acting like I’m hung. When I’m around anyone who mentions their penis size I immediately chime in and tell them I have a small penis. Funny thing is they typically don’t believe me.

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    1. Acceptance is what I teach .. . welcome to my blog!

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  2. My husband suffered a muscle injury which required surgery. He was healing slowly and the doctor checked his testosterone level which was normal for his age but slightly low. Testosterone therapy with injection of bio identical pellets was performed tripling his testosterone level These pellets last about 5 months and he has had 2 separate injections. His muscle injury has made a remarkable recovery and looks like a good outcome. 10 weeks after his first testosterone injection his testiclles and scrotum started shrinking from a normal adult size to the size of an adolescent and are still getting smaller and smaller. His penis is the same 4.5 inches erect or slightly shorter. It really looks and feels smaller to me. I never thought that was possible. The doctor thinks he will need to stay on testosterone permanently.His testicular/scrotal shrinkage is a side effect. I was not prepared for the shrinkage. I was excited at first and mistakenly thought he would get bigger. Going in the wrong direction.

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    1. Quite the story … I hope it works out!


  3. Austin · · Reply

    I would like to show you my penis and you tell me if you honestly believe that it’s real little or not your honest opinion


    1. … you can always contact me!


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