Barriers to Small Penis Acceptance


One of the topics I enjoy writing the most about is small penis acceptance.  In the past, I have written several articles on the topic and stressed the importance of accepting what you have.  What I have spent less time on, is discussing the actual barriers that confront all of us who have small penises and how we were able to overcome them.  One of our followers suggested I try this approach and I think it’s a great idea, so here goes.  I think this approach will allow others to view the topic from a slightly different perspective.


So, to get the ball rolling, here are the primary barriers I had to overcome:

Visual Comparisons:

For me, the “initial” barrier to acceptance came in locker rooms and showers when I realized I didn’t measure up.  Though most penises I saw were flaccid, which isn’t a true indicator of their erect length; it became painfully obvious to me that I had a very small penis.  Since I was very athletic and played sports and continued frequenting locker rooms and showers into adulthood, it was a continual and daily reminder that I didn’t measure up.


As I have mentioned previously, we live in a “bigger is better” culture.  There are continual media messages that support this view, especially in terms of sex.  There are now TV shows, infomercials, and frequent “size studies” indicating that women prefer a bigger penis for maximum sexual satisfaction, that all serve to reinforce our view that size does matter.  And if we do run into an article or hear a woman say something to the contrary, we tend to discount that view.  Instead, I used to focus solely on the negative view.

Porn Sites:

Many men (me included) have visited porn sites to do a visual comparison of our erect cocks with other men.  Of course, this is a very unreliable place to do any kind of a cock comparison, but many of us are compelled to do so any way.  What do we observe?  That most porn stars have 2 or 3 times the erect cock size we do.  It’s one thing to be small when you’re flaccid, but when you feel so overwhelmed by an erect cock comparison; it can send you into a real tailspin.  It would be one thing if the erect cocks you saw were an inch or two longer, but when they tower over your own, there is a real feeling of despair and hopelessness. I think porn is one of the biggest hurdles there is, because many guys get addicted to it, and it only serves to reinforce negative messages.

Sexual Experiences:

It’s one thing when you observe bigger cocks than your own and hear “bigger is better” messages in the media, but when your own sexual experiences validate this message, it can be crushing to a man’s sexual ego.  I have had 12 sexual partners in my lifetime.  I discount the first three because I was their first sexual partner and they had no basis for comparison.  Of the remaining 9, all of them except my current wife indicated to me in one way or the other that size mattered.  Most of them indicated that I had the smallest penis they had ever seen/experienced. I was unable to satisfy any of them sexually and most openly said the reason was because my penis was too small.  In retrospect, I feel like I must have been a “Size Queen” magnet.  I was sexually overmatched by all of them.  They knew it and I knew it.  I had always thought that women wouldn’t be so forthright about penis size, but in my experience, they all were very candid about it.  I began to think that I simply couldn’t satisfy a woman – any woman sexually. Talk about soul-crushing.  When I think back about it now, it’s a wonder I was ever able to come to terms with my small penis and accept it.  The continual bombardment of big penises, size matters messages in the media and my own sexual experiences created barriers that I thought were unassailable. Fortunately for me, I met my current wife.  For the women followers of this blog, hopefully this sheds some light on some of the issues/barriers faced by your small endowed boyfriends/hubbies.  If your partner still hasn’t accepted his size, the barriers above may be in part or entirely the reason why.

Here is what I would like to do at this point.

For the guys out there, can you share with us what your own barriers were on your journey to self-acceptance, and explain how you overcame them? I would be particularly interested to knowing if you had the same hurdles I did, or whether you had some different hurdles to overcome.  Lastly, if you’re a guy who hasn’t quite accepted his penis size yet, can you also share with us what your barriers are?

It’s my hope that this article and your comments will be very helpful for those men who are still struggling with this issue.

As always, thanks in advance for your contributions!


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