Personal announcement: How To Begin Cuckolding Got Translated!

… while it took a while to get the blog back in terms of clicks and comments, I can proudly announce that lovinsmallpenis sometimes attracts up to 500 readers per day – great!

I would like to thank all of my readers for following me, reading here, and of course commenting here – it’s so great to see this!

By attracting such a large crowd of daily readers, it seems understandable that the blog attracts not only native English speakers, but readers from other nations as well.

Amongst them are German, Austrian and Swiss readers.

One of them, Max,  contacted me recently and we exchanged various emails, until we came to the conclusion that my guide to cuckolding, How To Begin Cuckolding, should be translated to German so that more German men could delve into this lifestyle.

I gave Max the permission and he translated the book. To be honest, I don’t speak German, but Max is a native German speaker, so the book should be perfectly translated.

He will introduce the book in the next week with a separate post. I look forward to it, and hopefully my German readers do so, too!

Click here to find out more:


Eine Hotwife Finden Und Cuckolding Beginnen


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