How Does The Wife Of A Small Penis Man Feel?

I recently went back and was re-reading the posts and comments I have received over time, and saw one comment from a reader that really got my attention.  His questions came under the post “How does sex feel after dildo play?”  He actually had lots of really good questions, and I thought it would be best to repost them here in an effort to answer questions that many of us who are small endowed have thought about from time to time.  It would be especially helpful if we could get some responses from the women out there, because these questions are directed towards women and you’re really the only ones who can answer them.


Here are his questions:

For me, I wonder from the women out there, how they are really feeling.

A.  Does the larger dildo actually feel better and more satisfying than your small husband?

B.  When you don’t feel your husband in you, do you feel bad?

C.  Does it make you feel like you’re too big to please your man? Or do you feel that he is too small and you deserve to get pleasure however you can?

D.  Does a wife over time learn to prefer her toys over sex with her small husband?

E.  You know he is excited and horny as heck and loving the sex, but does it turn you on knowing you can’t feel him and thus making him feel inadequate?

F.   Are you embarrassed by the fact your husband is so small or not able to please you?

I guess I just wonder sometimes what the women are thinking. This is a pretty strong erotic thing for the man; he is a walking hard on when his wife is using the big dildo, denying him, cuckolding him, humiliating him. He is obsessing about this daily – hourly, yet what is the woman feeling.

G.  Does she tire of it, or embrace her sexuality more?

H.  Does she resent him for his short comings?

My wife is very sweet and always makes me feel loved, despite a flare for humiliating me – but I sometimes wonder what is really going on in her head. I am loving sex, but she is not feeling it – is she happy?

Do you have any thoughts about this? Please write me a comment, or contact me via my about about page.

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  1. Question ? is this about SP or cuckholding? If the latter, change the title. SP is reality while cuckholding is a fantasy. If you wife has AA’s or less does that mean you won’t have sex with her?


    1. True, I’ve shortened it!


  2. I’m also interested in replies for this. My man has a small penis. Physically, this isn’t a problem, as I’m on the thight side and feel him well. He is always able to satisfy me. However, mentally it is a turn-off, as I unwillingly feel it makes him “less of a man”. I’m not at all into humiliating him (and neither is he). I want to respect him, and like sex with him because of his penis and not despite of it. I struggle with this and it makes me sad.

    I actually found this page while searching for ways to overcome this feeling. What could I do- Is it possible to mentally condition oneself to be turned-on by smaller penises? I have for example tried finding porn with smaller penises, but unsurprisingly there’s little I like as the main point of the clips is the guy having a small dick and being humiliated for it.


    1. Usually it’s about cuckolding, then. Has your husband already seen this blog or have you talked with him about it?


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