How Did You Come To Accept Your Small Penis Size?

Learning to accept your penis size is something that can be very difficult for men to do.  Despite the fact that we can’t change it, some of us continually beat ourselves up over it for years.  Some of us have accepted it, while others still struggle with it.


I was thinking the other day this topic would be an excellent idea for a post.   We our very fortunate to have many contributors on here who have a very healthy view of their penis size and have not only come to accept it, but celebrate it.  Many of you are articulate, well-spoken and I would like to draw on your expertise on the subject, because some followers haven’t quite reached that level of acceptance yet.  And, judging from the traffic on this site, and the search terms used to find us, I know there are many others who are very curious about this topic, and I thought it might be helpful to try and explain to others how some of us were able to overcome the “demons” and conquer this issue.

So, for those of you who have accepted your size, I would like to ask you a favor.  Would you be willing to share with us how you came to accept your size and what it means for you?  If so, here are some questions for you:

(1)  How long did you struggle with this issue, and what were the emotions you experienced along the way?

(2)  What led you to ultimately accept your penis size? (Did you have an “epiphany”or life changing moment that led you to accept it) or was it the cumulative effect of many issues?  Or, do you attribute it to something else altogether?  Please be as descriptive as possible.

(3)  What effect did the size of your penis have on your sex life prior to and after your acceptance?

(4)  How would you describe the feelings and emotions you experienced once you came to accept your penis size?

(5)  If a man who was struggling with this issue asked you for advice on how to overcome all of the negative emotions surrounding it, what advice would you give him?

As always, thank you for your willingness to share with us these personal details!



  1. Sometimes it’s just in a woman’s perspective. Is it half full or half empty. (ha)


    1. True!


  2. Is there a way to private message?


  3. Thesmallone · · Reply

    I struggled with having a small penis for 15 years, it really played with my confidence in bed. It wasn’t until my wife decided that she had enough or lack there of that I came to terms with it. Essentially, she told me that I couldn’t satisfy her with my 4 inch cock and she took charge of our sexual lives. She added SPH and teasing to sex. She would ride me to orgasm and then have me service her orally until she climaxed repeatedly. I became an expert with my tongue and fingers, using my cock very little. Quite often I go weeks with orgasming or without any stimulation on my penis. I know I have a small penis, but I have a purpose now. To please her. She knows this and I love it.

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    1. Fantastic comment – you came to the right place!


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