How to humiliate a man for his small sissy penis – Part 1

I mentioned awhile back that I would ask my wife to contribute to the discussion of small penis humiliation. Well, she finally had a chance to reflect on it and add her thoughts and ideas to the subject. Enjoy!


Hi there, I’m Steve’s wife and yes, I’m aware of his blog and I find it interesting. He asked me if I would like to “contribute” my opinion on this topic even though he knew my opinion would be different than most of the other female contributors on here. He encouraged me to contribute anyway because he said there may be other women out there who might feel the way I do, so I decided to share my thoughts.

One of the common themes that run through these blog articles and comments is that many women are unsatisfied with their husband’s penis size. Either their husbands are too small, or maybe they are too big down there or maybe some women just have a big cock preference. Whatever the case, there seems to be a lot of women who are sexually frustrated and unsatisfied with their husbands size and/or performance. I may be different from most women on here because to me, cock size has never been that big of a deal. I honestly don’t care what the “world average” is because it doesn’t matter to me. Does my husband Steve have a small penis? Yes. But, I think I’m small down there too, which is why I think we are perfectly matched. All I know is, my husband satisfies me in bed and yes, I do have orgasms and plenty of them! But, does this topic intrigue me? Yes! It interests me because I’m always interested in learning about sexually related issues and what people think and what turns them on, but I’m particularly interested in this topic because I know it turns my husband on.

Our “journey” to where we are now though is interesting in itself. Like a lot of couples, after several years of marriage, our sex life had become pretty routine and predictable. We call it our vanilla/maintenance sex period. Although we are both very imaginative and are willing to try almost anything, we, like many couples who have been married a long time found ourselves doing the same thing, the same way every time and our sex life had become stagnant for both of us, but we couldn’t seem to break out of the rut.

Along the way, Steve was insecure about his small cock, and had been in a number of relationships with several women before me who had told him his penis was too small to satisfy them. Even though I tried to reassure him that he was perfect for me, I know he wondered deep down whether he was or not.

And then a couple of years ago, he accepted the fact he had a small penis! That was a major turning point for him. In reality, I think it takes a lot of strength for any of us to look in our sexual mirror and face any kind of perceived flaw or inadequacy, and then accept it, and embrace the implications. I know he felt a sense of relief after going through his evolution and no longer having to pretend to be someone he wasn’t.

What he asked for next was surprising to me, but I think it all had to do with his evolution of acceptance. He confessed to me that it would really turn him on if I told him he had a small dick! I have to say I’m glad he felt safe in admitting this to me, and I know it took some courage on his part to confess to me he wanted this. But it was a little hard for me at first because like I said, I was never fixated on his size and I was happy and very content with him sexually. But what I learned was it was VERY exciting to him for a couple of reasons. First, it excited him because I know he was eroticizing what had always been a negative feeling for him. By my acknowledging that he had a little penis was validating his reality. Secondly, it’s one thing for a guy to know he’s small and accept it, but it has a much more powerful effect on him when his wife acknowledges it too. In any event, the important thing was, I realized that it really, really turned him on! So, I have tried to provide small penis humiliation for him, but I have to admit, I know I probably don’t do it enough.

It was around this time when he brought up the idea of “competing” for me like he did when we were dating. We talked about sperm competition and how males like to compete for their women, and our relationship began to change. He started treating me differently and better. I became the sole focus of his attention, and he began referring to me as his “hot wife.” I think the motivator for my husband was he knew he couldn’t compete with other, more well-endowed males, so he wanted to compensate for his small cock by being a better and more attentive husband. Though I didn’t consider him to be disadvantaged in that way, I have to confess I did like the renewed focus on our relationship and the fact I was getting more out of it.

We have also dabbled in cuckolding as a fantasy. I know he would love for me to have sex with a guy who has a big cock, but like a lot of women who have commented on here, that’s probably not happening. What we have done instead is enjoy aspects of it as a fantasy. Read his article: Creating a Cuckolding Fantasy World for some ideas, it can be fun!

— This is part 1  – part 2 will come in the next weeks, please find it here.

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  1. This describes my wife and I to the letter. I pretended to have a big cock most of my life. I lied about my size because I knew I was small. Finally I got tired of lying and just accepted my small penis. My wife constantly tells me “you are fine” and “I don’t want a big one” but there have been times when she says she would like to know what a big cock feels like. Sadly, she has no interest in cuckolding me. We do fantasize about it and that excites me. She also makes jokes about my small penis which I love.

    As mentioned above, it is a big step when a man admits he has a small penis, and having someone make fun of or draw attention to it is part of the coping mechanism. I’m no longer embarrassed by my penis. I’ve been set free from all of that.


    1. True – great comment!


  2. minipenissite · · Reply

    What surprised me is that Steve accepted the fact that he had a small penis “a couple of years ago”. For me it was always clear. Already before the puberty in the locker room I was mercilessly aware of both the tinyness of my penis and the mocking reactions of other guys. However, my incompetence to be able to satisfy a woman with my penis vaginally, I understood in the adult age.


  3. […] back that I would ask my wife to contribute to the discussion of small penis humiliation.  The first part is here, and this is the second […]


  4. Ryman · · Reply

    Great article. I didn’t realise I was small as I was measuring from below, not above. I sort of understand the desire to be teased: in my case it emboldens me to be amused by such comments.


    1. … the feeling is so great, sometimes…


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