Where do you stand?

Here is a fun little test for you (or your significant other) to take.  This is probably not the most reliable instrument you will find to compare yourself with average, but it is interesting nonetheless.   Take your penis measurement and use the average penis length calculator to see how you compare with the worldwide average penis size.  Just for fun, I inserted my penis size and this is what came up:

“Your penis size is below the average penis size for worldwide populations. Your penis size is within the bottom 7% of worldwide population. Even though most people do not believe in any relationship between ethnicity and penis length making it politically correct not to mention any such correlation, many studies suggest otherwise. If we take into account the ethnicity factor, your penis size is well below the average size for White/European populations. In fact, your penis size is within the bottom 7% of the White/European population.”


How do you measure up?


Do you have any thoughts about this? Please write me a comment, or contact me via my about about page.

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  1. minipenissite · · Reply

    Well, the main result is:

    “Your penis size is within the bottom 2% of worldwide population.”

    But I am quite proud and like to show my tiny penis.


    1. You should be!

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  2. minipenissite · · Reply

    Thank you for your confidence. I would like to exchange with you. Unfortunately it is not so easy for me to communicate in English.
    But I want to try. I sent an invitation in the hangout.

    So what should we start with?


    1. Thanks – actually, it’s quite easy: you put a link in your blog and I will put one in mine. I have already done that, you can find your site in the “recommended blogs” . If you want to become a member of the Cuckold Blog List, check it out, too:



  3. My results:

    “Your penis size is shorter than the average by 0.9 inches. ”

    Yep….I have a small penis.


    1. True!


  4. my penis is shorter than average by 2.3 inches…


    1. .. you’re not the only one here!


  5. I am an inch shorter than average. Lucky me!


    1. Haha, good for you …
      by the way, would you be interested in a link exchange?

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  6. Sure…what you want a link to?


    1. Well a link exchange is usually between ou sites, so you would just link to me I to yours.


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