How to do small penis humiliation! Part 1

The most popular blog post in the last month (in page views and comments) by far has been “Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation.”


Several women have written to me publicly or privately telling me how much fun it is for them.  But, it is also a very misunderstood topic, and one woman asked me to start a thread for women who might be interested in pursuing it.  The following three questions are for women to respond to.  Please give us your thoughts.   At the end, I have rounded up examples of Small Penis Humiliation that women have already provided to give you some ideas.  Please add to them!

In the end, I hope this can be a clearinghouse for those interested in the topic addressing possible concerns, why women like it, and ideas of things to say and do.

(1) What concerns (or fears) do you have in providing your husband with Small Penis Humiliation?

(2)Why do you like to provide your husband with Small Penis Humiliation?  Why is it exciting for you?

(3)Can you share with us examples of things you say and do to provide your husband with the Small Penis Humiliation he craves?

Here are some excellent examples of ideas of things to say and do from our female readers:

(1)    “I’m so horny today, too bad your cock is useless. I am going to the bedroom, you’re watching the kids.” Then I fuck myself) and give him nothing but a satisfied look later.

(2)    Yawn during sex is always a winner!

(3)    Ask him while he is inserting his cock – “Are you in yet?”

(4)    Tell him to hurry up and finish cause I want to watch TV or that I am bored. Or stop him before he cums and tell him that is all for now and not let him cum.

(5)    Grab a ruler and measure his penis, and then measure his finger and compare the two. A ruler is a true testament to how small he is.

(6)    Flirt with other men, smile at them, check out their bulges… text guy friends and get into sexy chats.

(7)    Talk about penis size in front of husband, telling my friends that a small cock is pretty useless. Hubby will be praying you don’t divulge his secret. Some men want you to tell others, but that is up to the couple. My husband doesn’t.

(8)    Dressing sexy is a must to ensure guys are checking me out.

(9)    Make hubby watch me enjoy my toy then make him lick my juices off. Don’t ask, make him – order him!


Do you have any thoughts about this? Please write me a comment, or contact me via my about about page.

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  1. Ant Smith · · Reply

    I’ve made some body positive, but still funny, small penis greetings cards you and your readers might enjoy…

    Hope you don’t mind that I post this here!

    Best Wishes


    1. A little late (wordpress didn’t show me this comment) – but, please, go ahead!


  2. minipenissite · · Reply

    Although I am not a woman, I allow myself to answer as a concerned person here. What always excites me is the clash of the shameful memories from the locker rooms with the pleasureable possibilities that a tiny penis has to offer. The simultaneity of shame and pleasure offers a firework of emotions.

    Have a nice week end

    Small equiped guy from Germany


    1. A little late, but nevertheless – great comment !


      1. minipenissite · ·

        Thank you for your compliment. You do not just have a great comment, but a great blog. The sovereignty with which you write a taboo topic here is an inspiration for me.

        Guy with tiny dick from Germany

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks – are you interested in a link exchange with me? Are would you maybe like to become a member on Cuckoldblogs even?


  3. I have a small penis and humiliation turns me on. I know I’m small and I don’t care who knows. It is what it is. I’m not embarrassed by it. For me, humiliation must be factual. I know my wife can feel when I’m in her and I am bigger than a clit. If you aren’t small, but still enjoy humiliation then the “fantasy” stuff might get you off, but not me. I like it when my wife tells me I’m not in far enough, or she tells me she wants to cum but my dick isn’t going to do it for her and she reaches for her vibrator. My favorite is when she just flat out tells me she doesn’t want sex because “we end up masturbating anyway”…which we do.

    She has shared with her friends and co-workers that I am small and has shown a few of her friends pictures of my penis. In fact, one of her friends was drunk one night and asked me to my face if I was “really that small”. I assured her I was.

    For me, SPH is about truth and honesty. For years I lied about my size and was ashamed of my penis. Once I accepted my size, I’d rather not have someone lie to me about it. I’m small. I admit it. I’m okay with it. Make all the fun of it you want.


    1. Great comment – thank you very much! By the way, would you like to join the Cuckold Blog List?


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