Vaginal Size, Large Dildos and Small Penis Humiliation – Part2

Here is a sampling of comments I have received via email or posted on here:


  • At first, I did feel bad – I didn’t want to have a big pussy or anything and didn’t want to have a pussy that was too big to satisfy my husband, lord knows I didn’t want him going somewhere else. But the truth is my husband loves big pussy…
  • …I have gotten over any guilt I had about needing and preferring something larger.
  •  I for one prefer my huge realistic silicone cock over my husband’s 4.5 inches…
  • I believe in the safe environment of our bedroom, my husband realized along with me that the bigger size was more pleasing and accomplished what he couldn’t.
  • My man is just under 7 inches, but is only like 4 inches around so he is not really super small but not really big enough either. Slowly I didn’t enjoy the sex with him like I use too. Then he bought me my toy (the Lex Steel cyberskin. It’s close to 10 inches I think. Cyber skin is great. It is very thick too).  After the first use I knew what was wrong between us. I didn’t want to admit it to him or myself. I felt very selfish for wanting this toy instead of my husband.
  • I have to admit it did feel great to be stretched like that. It is a feeling that is hard to explain. I felt very full and whole as a woman. After using it my husband does feel smaller now. That part kind of sucks, but at the same time it is a slight turn on.
  • As a woman even I was amazed I could take the whole thing. It was a challenge but I did it. My husband watches with amazement and admiration. It made me feel feminine. Like the song … You make me feel like a real woman! It felt great to show him what I was capable of.
  • I feel like I’m built for something bigger than my husband and I enjoy the way it makes me feel.
  • Sex with hubby was never very fulfilling to me, and my husband eventually sensed that too.  But, at his encouragement, we went shopping for a dildo and he said I should pick out one I would like to try.  He was surprised when I picked out one that was 9” long (hubby is only 4”) and it was quite a bit thicker too.  I had no trouble taking all of it and the feeling (and orgasms) was simply amazing.  What guilt I had about needing more than my husband could give me soon disappeared when I saw how turned on he was.
  • For now the toys are all I need… bigger, better than hubby.

So here are a few questions for women to get the discussion rolling:

1. Do you feel that your pussy is small, average or large sized?

2.  As far as your vaginal size goes, what is the ideal penis/dildo size for you? In other words, what size fits you the most comfortably?  And, how does this compare with your husband’s size?

3. If your vaginal size (what feels comfortable) is larger than your husband’s penis, how does that make you feel?  And, how does it make your husband feel?

4. Does your dildo provide you with more satisfaction than your husband’s penis?   If so, how do you feel about that?  And, how does he feel about it?


Do you have any thoughts about this? Please write me a comment, or contact me via my about about page.

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