Vaginal Size, Large Dildos and Small Penis Humiliation – Part1

In the previous thread about small penis humiliation there were several interesting comments by women about their vaginal sizes and their preferences for larger dildos. Since this is a topic that is rarely discussed I thought it would be a good one to bring up here.  There are a few questions for women at the end.


If you talk to a lot of men, the prevailing preference seems to be for a woman who has a smaller, tighter pussy over a large one.  There may be for a number of reasons for this for example, they may prefer the friction a tighter pussy provides, and it may also give them a sense regardless of their own size that they have a big or at least an adequatesized penis which strokes their egos some, etc.  Whatever the reason, smaller, tighter pussies seem to be preferred by most men.

What is also common but what you don’t hear talked about nearly as much is women also worry about their vaginal size.  I think this may be because they assume that all men want a smaller, tight pussy.  They may also assume that some men might view a big pussy as a sign of a woman’s promiscuity.  So even if a woman has a naturally large vagina, or perhaps it is larger as a result of childbirth she may still be concerned about not being able to give pleasure to a man.

What’s interesting is for those men and women who are into small penis humiliation they seem to view this issue differently.  Strangely, many small endowed men seem to have not only an appreciation for, but actually a preference for women with large pussies. Why is that? Well, possibly being sexually overmatched by a woman who has a large pussy validates their status as a small endowed male which results in his craving for small penis humiliation.   Furthermore, when these women receive more pleasure from a larger dildo than their husband’s small penis it is further evidence that they deserve it.  The crown jewel for these men is then having sex with their women after they have been stretched by their larger dildo.  This provides the physical proof that they don’t measure up. In short, they know their woman has been touched in places they are simply not capable of, but that feeling is overpowering.

Several women who have contacted me have also provided some interesting insight on this topic as well.   And, while many expressed initial concerns about maybe being too big for their partner, they seem to have gotten over it and now celebrate their sexual capacity.


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