How To Do Small Penis Humiliation! – Part2

This is part 2 of my series on Small Penis Humilitation.

Part 1 can be found here.



(10)The meanest and more humiliating… tell hubby he is not allowed to cum during sex, and if he does, make him give you oral after sex, eating up his sperm. He will do it if you demand it… and if he doesn’t no sex for a couple months!


(11)We definitely do the comparison to previous partners (which I have been blessed with many well-endowed men), I show him often the ideal size which is, much, larger than his. He loves it when I hold my fingers in a circle of the ideal girth and rub it over his and I am barely touching him.

(12)During sex he asks how much I can feel him on a scale of 1 – 10. I regularly say 1 or zero and boy how he loves it.

(13)The best thing I ever did was tell my girlfriends! I explained to him that I discussed penis size with my girlfriends and when they asked if my husband was big, I answered, “Oh no he’s small”. The embarrassment that came from him knowing my friends (who he sees regularly) know he’s tiny, quite honestly puts him over the edge time and time again.

(14)One year for his birthday, I put together a PowerPoint presentation, of photos I had taken one drunken night with all my girlfriends, showing their ideal size with their hands (all larger than him). He was very thankful.

(15)My husband loves SPH, but I didn’t understand why. To be honest, it kind of excites me too. I bought a dildo the size of my former lover, who had a very big cock. I compared it to my husband’s small erection and he became very excited.

(16)When we have sex, I always use my large dildo first. I just matter-of-factly explained to my husband that this was how it was in nature – men with big dicks always get pussy first while small dicked men have to wait their turns. Hearing me say that really turned him on. He loves what he calls the sloppy seconds.

(17)The one thing I have had to learn is to make it realistic, to say – I want another man’s cock in me to my husband in a convincing way. I use to giggle and laugh… but the more real the better for him.

(18)I once took a picture of ONLY the inches he reached on a ruler and made him post that photo on Facebook (not his cock, just the ruler inches that he reached)… the comments were hilarious. We never confessed what it was about, but it was pretty funny.

(19)After I had sex with my dildo first and then my husband, he asked me what his cock felt like. I told him that he felt really small, which he did, but it really turned him on!

(20)I found out about the small penis humiliation fetish in a strange way. My husband left a website on the subject on our computer and I found it. At first I thought it was bizarre, but my husband was looking at it for a reason, so I decided to pursue it. To be honest, my husband does have a small cock in both length and thickness, but I had never mentioned it to him before because it really wasn’t that big of deal to me. So, I confronted the issue “head” on so to speak. I asked my husband if he thought he had a small dick and I think he was stunned and embarrassed that I brought it up, but he acknowledged that he did. I shocked him further by saying I thought so too. I also told him that “Size Does Matter,” despite what he might have heard and I asked him how he was going to start compensating for having such a little dick. I think its one thing for a man to read something like this on the Internet or hear it from someone else, but it’s entirely different if your own wife acknowledges it! J Ever since, my husband has been a much better and attentive husband. Why didn’t I think of this sooner!

(21)I cuckold him with my huge dildo – and deny him sex after at times because his cock is too small, HE LOVES THAT!

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  1. my name is slave caged i have a small penis,slaves penis should be forever locked in a steel chastity cage.slave should never be allowed an erection,only real men should be allowed erections. slave caged is nothing more than a mere slave that should never be allowed to orgasm.


    1. Good!


      1. yeah i think it’s fucking awesome myself
        i take it you have a problem with that?


      2. No, it’s good!

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