Sex from behind for men with small penises

Rear Entry Positions:

(1)  Leaping Lizard (Standard Grade)

How to do it:  You begin by kneeling on the bed. Then, lean forward until your forearms, chest and head is resting comfortably on the bed (but turn your face sideways s you can breathe).  Yes, it does remind of a yoga position.  And yes, it does mean your butt will be high up in the air.

Bear with me, because you see; now your vagina is lengthened and fully opened to receive your lover.  And yet, your body is buttressed against his vigorous thrusts.  And, because you’re supporting yourself, it means his hands are free to do all sorts of interesting things to you.  Plus, it’s comfy.  Added bonus:  Your inner vixen will be thrilled at the innate wantonness of this posture.

(2)  Leaping Lizard (Higher Grade)

How to do it:  Lie flat on your stomach with your legs together. Get your partner to lay full length on top of you.  His weight should be distributed equally along your body but if he’s still too heavy, ask him to support himself by placing his forearms on either side of you.

Now you’re trapped inside the cage of his body.  Purrrr.

Arch your back and tilt your pelvis, while keeping your legs together, to give him access to your vagina.  Keep up the pelvic rocking and squeeze every time he enters you.  And squeeze.  And relax, and squeeze, and relax.

Because your legs are closed tightly together, it allows a snugger fit for a smaller penis.  Remember though, this position may seem meeker than the standard grade version, but trust me, it’s harder.  Tip:  For stability, hold onto the edge of the mattress – or whatever’s in reach – and use it as your anchor to help him thrust.  Added bonus:  All the pelvic tilting and arching and squeezing of the pelvic floor provide an excellent core workout.

(3)  The Tortoise

How to do it: The Tortoise position is slow, hard, smooth and sensual, but it’s also really fun to do!  And if you and your partner are having a little trouble doing it, it might have you laughing instead of screaming with pleasure. Either way, there’s nothing to lose!

Lay flat on the bed, face down and let him straddle you from behind. You should be able to feel the pressure of his body weight on your buttocks and hips. Your legs should be straight and closed, so that when he enters you from behind, it’s a tight squeeze.  Make sure you have something to grip onto, like the top of the mattress, because although the thrusting should be slow and smooth, The Tortoise is designed for deep penetration so the thrusting may be hard as well.  Your movements should become synchronized, this means that as he moves forward to penetrate deeply, move your body backward to increase the intensity of the sex.

Why you’ll like it:  Even though he is on top and is evidently in control, it is you who guides him. You have complete control over your own clitoral stimulation. Between him and the bed sheet, one will give you consistency during sex and the other will give you the exact amount of pleasure you want. Let’s hope the right one is doing the right thing!

Why he’ll like it:  He will be very happy to be taking credit for all of your stimulation. He can heighten your pleasure by opening and closing your legs and this will definitely excite him. He may be turned on by rubbing your back or spanking your buttocks a bit, you may want to ask him not to smack too hard!

How to vary it:  If he uses his forearms to lift himself up, he may be able to give deeper penetration. He can increase the intimacy between the two of you by laying flat on top of you and holding your breasts. This way he can whisper into your ear if you’re into talking during sex.

Drawbacks:  Given the intense movement, a heavier partner may squash you a little, so have him use his upper body strength to keep the weight of his torso off your back. Also, if you’re a little busty on top, you may have some difficulty laying flat.

Tip: A little “dirty” talk can be added fun. Please note that the duvet and pillows here are not required and should be discarded, immediately!

(4)  Standard Doggie

How to do it:  Guys love this position because the view is, well, scenic.  But it’s also great for women whose partner is not the biggest guy in the world.  Doggie Style allows him to penetrate deeply from behind and you can vary the angle he hits and the friction you feel by arching your back, laying your head on the bed or squeezing your thighs together.

Why it feels good for you
When your breasts hang down, blood flow to your nipples makes them extra-sensitive. Also, orgasms feel more intense if his penis hits the sensitive G-spot on the front wall of your vagina.

Why it feels good for him
He gives it full marks for visual stimulation, while his hands are free to stimulate your breasts or clitoris from behind. He loves feeling his pelvis bang against your buttocks and this position also allows for deeper penetration.

(5)  Downward Doggie

How to do it:  Lay face down with legs stretched out and open slightly.  Raise your butt a bit and have him enter, laying face down on top of you.  He can prop himself up with his arms for more range of motion.  This position allows for lots of penetration and friction for both of you and you can stimulate your clitoris against the bed.

(6)  On the Edge of the Bed

How to do it:  The man sits on the edge of the bed with legs spread.  The woman with legs closed backs up onto his penis.  She can either thrust backwards, leaving his hands free to do all sorts of things (like reaching around and fondling her breasts) or he can grab her hips and bring her back to him.  This can be a very intense and satisfying sex position.


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