Woman on top sex positions for men with small penises

Woman on Top 

(1)  Classic Woman on Top

How to do it:  There are certain positions sex therapists recommend more often when a man has a smaller penis. Surprisingly, the woman on top is an excellent position.  It’s surprising because when the woman begins moving up and down, the small endowed man will normally slip out, leaving them both frustrated.  They key to this position being successful is the woman should “gyrate” around his penis instead of moving up and down. Called the “Vadavaka” in the Kama Sutra, this position is the classic “woman on top” position but also implies voluntary vaginal muscles contractions by the woman to increase sensation; like a mare cruelly gripping a stallion, your lover traps and milks your penis with her vagina.  This position also allows for the man to play/kiss his partners breasts.


(2)  Cocoon

How to do it:

Step 1:  He kneels on the bed on both knees and sits back comfortably on his heels. You sit astride his lap with your feet on the bed behind him. You kiss and caress.

Step 2:  He embraces you closely, locking his arms around your back. You lift your feet off the bed and lean back into his arms, raising your legs as high as you can to enable penetration.

Step 3:  And now he rocks you gently back and forth.

(3)  Cowgirl

How to do it:  In the cowgirl position, lean forward arching her back and resting your weight on your elbows.  This will create a lot of clitoral stimulation.  Lift up your legs so that she can hold onto your knees for leverage, then she can move in a circular motion to increase that clitoral stimulation.

(4)  Reverse Cowgirl

How to do it:  Your partner lies on his back while you straddle him, facing his feet. Ideally his head should be on a pillow, so that he can enjoy the sight of your buttocks rising and falling. Guide him inside you and let the rodeo begin! He’ll find the view particularly erotic and you’ll be able to stimulate your clitoris manually.

Although this position can be painful if your lover has a large penis, it is perfect if the man is lesser endowed. This position is also great to try in front of the mirror.

(5)  Reverse Missionary

How to do it:  The woman lies down on her lover.  The groin areas will create a lot of stimulation and friction, reaching the clitoris as well.   Also, she can control the angles and movements.  Since she is lying forward, there will be a great angle towards the G. spot.  She should move in circular or back-and-forth motion to reduce the possibility of the smaller penis from slipping out.

(6)  Forward Bend:

How to do it:    This position is like that move in yoga class where you bend forward to stretch out your legs except now you’ve got a man underneath you.  With him lying on his back, lower yourself so that your legs are stretched in front of you.  This is the less physically demanding version of the Hook-up – at least for the woman.  He’ll be able to manipulate your motion by grabbing your hips and you can use your hands to prop yourself up a bit.  This is a good one for him because again, he can penetrate you deeper with his small penis.


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