Man on top positions for men with small dicks

Man on Top Positions:

(1)  The Lady’s Squeeze

How to do it: He sits back on his heels while you lie on your back. He lifts your hips and enters you. You place both legs together over one of his shoulders. He stabilizes your legs so that they don’t slide off his shoulder.

What’s good about this?  Women often like having their legs together during sex. You can increase labial pressure and do amazing Kegel tricks that are beneficial to you and him.

If you manage this position you’ll get deep, firm penetration, albeit with less movement control on your part.   Because your legs are together this may increase friction where it’s needed.


(2)  Missionary Madness (Standard Grade)

Basic: You lie on your back with him on top of you. Both your legs are straight, with yours on the outside.

The squeeze: As above but with your legs on the inside and his on the outside. The closer together your legs are the tighter everything will fit.

Legs of victory: Extend your legs straight up towards the ceiling. Good for deeper penetration, but it will make you tired.

The vice: For those less passive. Wrap your legs around him to pull him closer and to control the movement.

One bent, one straight: If you want to keep clitoral contact (which is difficult with both legs bent) and more depth (which is difficult with both legs straight) – why not compromise?

Leg up: When you want to make the missionary all Kama Sutra-ish: throw one leg over his shoulder. Be prepared to cramp, though.

Knees and ears: Put both legs over his shoulders. As they say, a true lady always crosses her ankles… Around her lover’s neck.

(3)  Missionary Madness (Set of Nine)

You will love this position!  Nine shallow strokes where he inserts only the head of the penis. Because most of the nerve endings are focused in the first three centimeters of your vagina, you’ll find this surprisingly rewarding. Then he thrusts the entire length of his penis in once. (By now you’ll be just about gasping for it.)  And by the way, because he is only inserting the head of his penis initially, by the time he inserts all of it, even a very small penis will feel huge!   Then he gives eight shallow strokes where he inserts only the head. And two deep thrusts.  And seven shallow strokes. And three deep thrusts. Six shallow strokes.  Four deep thrusts.   And so on.  When he reaches nine deep thrusts, it’s called a Set of Nine.   Now pat yourselves on the back and sink into a blissful sleep.

(4)  Missionary (Knees Bent)

How to do it:  The woman tilts her pelvis down, aiming her vaginal opening toward the mattress, and holds her bent knees up toward her chest while keeping her head elevated on pillows.  This will increase pressure against her vaginal walls and shorten her vaginal canal.

(5)  Table Fun

How to do it:  The woman should sit on the edge of the table with her legs stretched open to accept her man’s penis.  When the man’s penis is insider her vagina, she should then bend backward and wrap her legs around her man for deeper penetration.

What’s good about this?  This position offers several variations.  The woman can also lie flat on the table, allowing the man to either (a) put both hands on her hips and accelerate intercourse, or (b) free both hands to fondle her breasts.  Either the man or woman is also free to stimulate the clitoris as well.

(6)  The Rabbit Ears

How to do it:  Lay your woman down on her back, spread her thighs and draw her legs up until her knees are close to her ears. Slip a pillow under her bottom, as this will place her vagina at an angle better suited for this small penis sex position. When you penetrate her, it will feel as though you’re filling her vagina completely. Once sex starts to get wild, however, it can be difficult for a woman to hold her legs in that position. It’s suggested using your own arms to hold her knees in place; simply place either arm in the crook of her knee before you brace your hands on the bed.

Bite-sized tip: This is an excellent position for her to masturbate in. You may want to encourage her to slip a hand between your bodies to stimulate her clitoris while you’re rocking her world from inside.

(7)  The Hook-Up

How to do it:  Warning:  This position requires a bit of flexibility.  With you on your back, he enters you as he would for the missionary position but instead of keeping your legs on the bed, raise them up and rest them against his chest, or if you’re feeling really athletic, slide a pillow under your hips and hook your knees over his shoulders.  He can penetrate you deeply and if you cross your ankles, it’ll tighten the vaginal canal, making it feel even better.

(8)  The Amazing Butterfly

How to do it:   The key to taking flight is lining up correctly with your lover. First, find a place where you can lie down and he can stand in front of you. The catch: It’s got to be somewhere that puts your pelvis a foot lower than his — maybe your bed (if it’s a high one) or a desk, counter, or even the hood of a car. Then lift your legs and rest them on his shoulders. Tilt your pelvis upward so that your back forms a straight line angling up toward him, and your crotches meet. Have him place his hands under your hips, so he can hold your booty at the perfect angle while he thrusts.

Why You’ll Love It:  The Amazing Butterfly is primo for unequaled ecstasy without high-energy commitment. The pelvic tilt gives his penis full access to your vagina and builds in more fluttery friction for both of you. When done very slowly, it’s completely dreamlike. The result? An orgasm that feels like you’re flying.

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