Introducing the Cuckold Blog List and network

Today’s post is just a quick heads-up, and it’s about the

Cuckold Blogs Network.

It’s basically like this, there are various blogs which I enjoy reading, I frequent some of them more and some of them to a lesser extent.

However I have to search them all manually, and if I stumble upon a good one, I need to keep the link somewhere.

That’s why I just opened a blog at blogspot, it’s called

It contains only lists of relevant blogs: the first one is exclusively FemDom / FLR, the main list are all cuckolding blogs, and then there are Tumblr blogs.

If you have a blog, just shoot me a mail or comment in this article, and put the membership image in your site and I will add you as well.

This is the logo:



That’s it – tell me if you like the blogs. By the way, Hottie hasn’t returned yet from her date yesterday…




  1. slut wife · · Reply

    My blog about cuckolding stories
    slutywife.wordpress .com


    1. Thanks, if you want to join the network please follow the tips on the site !

      Liked by 1 person

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